Should I Get a Home Inspection?

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  1. Thank you Mark for this article. It is very informative just like many others that i’ve read by you.

    I want to make sure that I understand this section of the article clearly,”Is it wise to use an inspection contingency as a negotiating tool?” So are you saying that a buyer shoud not make an offer assuming that the house will pass or fail an inspection? however, it is okay for a buyer to ask for repairs or reduction in price after the house receives a low inspection rate?

    Thanks Mark

    Sandrine- Real Estate agent from NY

    • Hi Sandrine,
      My personal opinion is that a buyer should not offer more than they want to pay assuming they will ask for a reduction no matter what the inspection says. If you know there are problems already, offer accordingly.

  2. Hello Mark, how do you deal with asbestos problems? Do you run when the inspection reveals presence of asbestos and if not, what do you do?
    We own a house from 1902 and some newly built ones, but due to local lack of inventory we are considering houses from the asbestos era. A good house inspection by a professional inspector should find all possible asbestos in a house, shouldn’t it? Thanks!

    • Hi Jenna, In most cases asbestos is not an issue if it is not disturbed.If you remove it you need to check state laws to see what the requirements are.

  3. Personally I agree that in just about every situation it is a good idea to get a home inspection. My sister is buying a home for the first time, but she doesn’t think that she really needs to get an inspection. Now I am a bit concerned that she will buy a home and that there will be something wrong with the home. You bring up a good point that many people think they will find things wrong, even though many times it requires a professional to know. I will tell my sister this and see if it changes her mind. Thanks for the post, you had a lot of excellent information!

  4. While inspections are not mandatory for buying a home, I do think that they are a very good idea. Since the inspectors help to look at everything in the home to be sure it is working properly, it is probably a good idea to do this before buying a home. Then you can be aware of any possible problems that the house may have, and then think about if you want to do repairs on it. Thank you so much for sharing more about how these inspections go!

  5. You make a good point about seemingly negligible cracks in the wall being potential safety hazards. Experienced home inspectors know how to tell the difference in these situations by knowing which beams are important for the structure and load bearing. That is why it is so important to hire a home inspector especially before you purchase a home so you know what liability you are taking on.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I like that you point out the sometimes an inspection is needed and sometimes it isn’t. I think that as a first time buyer I would have a home inspection. Just like I have a mechanic check the car I want to buy I want my house checked out as well.

  7. Thanks for posting this! I think you should always get a home inspector especially when buying houses. They will help a lot and give you suggestions, the service will be worth the pay 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for the advice. Inspections are a must. We had a very good inspector that created a very detailed report and then we found that the sellers were not willing to fix any of the issues or give a credit. We did buy the house anyway due to its unique location but we ended spending a lot more on renovations and fixes than we ever estimated. A good home inspector is invaluable! definitely get references & check credentials, most are pretty good but you want to avoid the “gloss over” ones.

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  11. Wow! I swear never in my life I’ve read such an amazing article related to this industry. By the way, people still doesn’t care much about home inspection and this is because a lot of Home Inspectors don’t do their job properly. One should always look for the home inspector review and complaints before hiring them.

  12. I have an odd question – My husband and I just had a home inspecion and a well and septic inspection today on a home that we are in the process of purchasing. The inspecion went well – no surprises and the water kits are being sent into the lab as we are testing for lead and arsenic – we are rural –
    ADditionally, we are going with an FHA loan and the appraisal/FHA inspection has not yet taken place.

    We received a contingency removal addendum from our realtor. The verbiage: Buyers acknowledge that all inspection contingencies related to the above referenced purchase agreement have been satisfied and that any inspection contingencies are hereby waived and removed as of todays date.

    We haven’t even received the test results for the water
    OR the official inspection report. Also – this verbiage is vague, and in our minds, could be used to force us to waive any inspection results by FHA. In other words, making us responsible for any FHA fixes outside of our agreed upon amount. (seller agreed to 1K in FHA fixes)

    Should we sign this?

  13. Thanks for this post. Quick question, I am buying my 2nd investment turnkey and asked for inspection contingency. They agreed to it, however they just had an inspection done by a licensed inspector on 3/17/17 and provided me that report.

    Do you think an other inspection 2 months later is warranted? If I don’t, I guess I am basically gambling nothing happened in the last 2 months? Did I just answer my own question?

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