How to Get Started Investing in Rental Properties


  • Basically you tell about the same thing through an article. Useless!

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Hi Robert, I am not sure what you are talking about. Care to elaborate?

    • Hey Robert, that sure is a lot of complaining over free information. If you want more information you should pursue it, instead of blaming others for not handing you all the answers.

  • Thanks. This is a great article for a beginner like me.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Is there anyway we can keep in touch? I’m def interested in this kind of business

  • Thank’s for sharing your tips and experiences. I’m also interested in real estate in my middle term goals. One thing I thought was nice to look into is the possibility of buying a small office and rent it to freelancers or professionals. To me, the fears of having bad tenants are smaller that way.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      They may not destroy the property, but it may be much tougher to rent and have a lot of turn over

  • I have been wanting to buy rental properties ever since i can remenber. That is what i always end up thinking i want to do. I and now 36 had purchase a movil home with my ex. Is now mine sold it with about 35k profit, bought a home for 83k i just refinance and took out 40k this week i will be looking at some condominiums 50k cash with tenants, will profit 500 a.month. will try to finance both

  • Hi Mark, I’m 23 & want to start investing in some properties but with little money I’m not sure if I should become a realtor first if I even need to do that. Wanted to know if you could talk with me? Thanks

  • Great tips! I’m interested in “getting ready” to purchase my first rental property. If the area where I live is not a great place to invest, is it worthwhile to look at other markets for my first property? I have some reservations about being a long distance landlord, especially for my first property.