Is it Better to Invest in real estate or a Small business?

Investfourmore Invest Real Estate or Small Business

I have been a real estate investor for many years and recently a small business owner as well. Now technically, I owned small businesses if you count my real estate brokerage and flipping business, and online business but I recently bought brick and mortar businesses. I own a small grocery store, liquor store, and bar. … Read more

How Does Buying a Short Sale Work?

buying short sale

As an investor, I have purchased many short sales for long-term rentals and fix and flips. As a Realtor, I have helped sellers sell short sales and buyers purchase short sales as well. Short sales are very unique and much different from fair market sales and even REO sales (foreclosures). Owner-occupied buyers and investors can get … Read more

Is Real Estate Inventory Increasing Significantly?

Is real estate inventory significantly increasing

There have been a lot of articles and headlines coming out recently saying that inventory is up, the real estate market is cooling down, and a crash may be coming as well. There are many articles that are saying sales are down as well and insinuating that prices are down too, even though they are … Read more

Why Have Real Estate Prices Gone Up So Fast?

Why Have Real Estate Prices Gone Up So Fast

When we hear something about the real estate market, all we seem to hear is how high prices are and how crazy the market is. It is true that prices are going up, and going up fast, but historically are prices going up faster than any other time? Why are prices going up and is … Read more

Will Blockchain Technology Change Real Estate?

Will Blockchain Technology Change Real Estate

A couple of months ago a house was sold with an NFT. You may have no idea what I am talking about and that is okay. Most people have no idea how this works and honestly, the people who bought and sold the house in this manner may not have understood it either! Blockchain technology … Read more

My Real Estate Goals for 2022 and a Recap of 2021

My Real Estate Goals for 2022 Web

Every year I set goals for myself and my business. I also post those on this blog and on my social media accounts as well. This keeps me accountable for my goals and helps me pay attention to them all year round. I like to make huge goals that are very exciting to me and … Read more

Will 3D House Printing Change the Way Houses are Built?

Will 3D House Printing Change the Way Houses are Built

Any new technology is often hyped up beyond belief in today’s society. 3D house printing is a crazy idea that you can build houses with 3d printers. I say crazy but this is really happening and 3D houses have been printed! The question is not whether 3D houses can be printed, but whether they will … Read more

How to Invest With a Real Estate IRA

Real Estate IRA

Many people think an IRA can only be used to invest in stocks or mutual funds. However, there are many investment options when investing with an IRA that many investors are unaware of, even real estate or bitcoin. It is not complicated to invest an IRA in real estate and it can be an awesome way … Read more

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