Does Flipping Houses Affect Your Credit?

Flipping houses is a major personal and financial decision. It is a large investment that may or may not turn a good profit. There is undoubtedly a sizeable market for flipping houses. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, there are 207,088 houses that were flipped in 2017. 138,410 separate entities (individuals and organizations) were responsible for … Read more

How To Save Time when Running a Real Estate Business

how to save time

Almost everyone I know wants to make more money, but we are often limited by how much time we have. I run multiple real estate businesses and constantly struggle with finding enough time for everything. We concentrate on doing our jobs and running our business but many times ignore the best way to make more … Read more

is zombie house flipping fake?

zombie house flips

Zombie house flipping is a television show on A&E, and it is also a term for houses that have been vacant for years. I was sucked into the show the other day even though I get really frustrated watching house-flipping shows. I have flipped over 155 houses and have 16 flips going right now. I get … Read more