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I’m Mark Ferguson, the founder of InvestFourMore.

I am glad you found the site and I hope you enjoy all the free content. Before you dig too deep into the articles and what we have to offer, below is a little about myself and the site.

I believe smart people who want to win in today’s society and build a life they love MUST learn how to become investors.

I created InvestFourMore to help people become real estate investors either as rental property owners, flippers, wholesalers or even note owners. I also have an entire section for agents as I have been a licensed agent since 2001.

There are many websites, books and even seminars that talk about the best ways to invest. Many sites have multiple authors all with different opinions and investing preferences. How do you know who you are listening too? Have the authors bought rentals or flips? Have they ever wholesaled a house? I have flipped over 150 houses, sold over 1,000 houses as an agent/broker, own 20 rentals (including a 68,000 square foot commercial property), and have even wholesaled a few houses, although honestly wholesaling is not my specialty.


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How did I get started?

familyI have been a licensed real estate agent since 2001. My father has been a Realtor since 1978 and I was surrounded by real estate my entire life. I remember sleeping under my dad’s desk when I was three while he worked tirelessly in the office. Surprisingly, or maybe not, I never wanted anything to do with real estate. I wanted to create my own path. I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in business finance in 2001. I could not find a job that was appealing to me so I reluctantly decided to work with my father part-time in real estate. Many years later I am sure glad I got into the real estate business!

Even though I had help getting started in real estate, I did not find success until I was in the business for five years. I tried to follow my father’s footsteps, which did not mesh well with me. I found my own path as an REO agent and my career took off. I think that I actually would have been more successful sooner without a safety net and someone showing me the way.

Now I own and run Blue Steel Real Estate, which is a brokerage in Colorado. I fix and flip 20-30 homes a year and I own 20 long-term rentals. I have even written one of the top selling real estate books on Amazon. I love real estate and investing because of the money you can make and the freedom of running your own business brings. I also love big goals and one of those goals is my plan to purchase 100 rental properties by January 2023.

I started InvestFourMore in March 2013 and the primary objective was to provide information on investing in long-term rentals. I was not a writer at any time in my life until I started this blog. In fact, I had not written anything besides a basic letter since college. Readers who have been with me from the beginning may remember how tough it was to read my first articles with all the typos and poor grammar (I know it is still not perfect!). My goal has always been to provide incredible information, not to provide perfect articles with perfect grammar.

The name “InvestFourMore” is a play on words indicating that it is possible to finance more than four properties. The blog provides articles on financing, finding, buying, rehabbing and renting rental properties. The blog also discusses mortgage pay down strategies, fix and flips, advice for real estate agents and many other real estate related topics. To get started with the blog check out the Get Started page that describes the best way to find what you are looking for.

I was married to my beautiful wife Jeni, in 2008 and we have twins who turn seven this year. Jeni was a Realtor when we met in 2005, but has since put her license on ice while she takes care of the twins. Jeni loves to sew and makes children’s dresses under the label Kaiya Papaya.

Outside of work, I love to golf and work/play with my cars.

If you want to learn some of the tactics I’ve used to build a life with plenty of earned income, passive income and free time for my family and hobbies, check out the InvestFourMore store which has multiple eBooks and products with coaching from me.

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Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!

25 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Mark,

    In your experience, how much cash do you keep on hand? Naturally, the more properties you have, the more cash you would like to have readily available in case of emergency. The reason I ask is because I’m getting close to saving 20% down (plus fix up and carrying cost) for my first investment property but it would wipe my personal savings out to just a few thousand dollars. Is there a general rule of thumb that you follow?


    • Hi Bob, I think you need to have at least $5,000 but preferably $10,000 extra. The banks require 6 months reserve for all mortgages you have, but I don’t think that is always enough.

  2. hey mark love your site, just getting into real estate investing and i am so glad i found your blog. Just thought I would let you know that you have a miss spelling in the second paragraph. you have bog goals instead of big goals. Take care of have a great day.

  3. Hello Mark, thanks for sharing your interest in real estates investment. The real estate is considered one of the safest markets to invest in because of its stability and almost guaranteed profits. With a self-directed IRA, you are the custodian of your own account, you will have a free hand to make as many transactions as you want with no need to worry about losing money on transaction and custodian fees.

  4. Hi mark, amazing blog. I have been reading your blog for some time now and find it very interesting. A colleague of mine got me I interested in real state investing. For background , I am 39 female and single mom of 2 with shared custody.
    I have a well paying job. My primary residence is paid for. So I have some $30k spare cash which I can invest in some rental property. Also I can get home equity line of credit.
    Now where should I start from. Also for background, I am not a handy person and have no clue about home renovations. So if I invest in rental property, I definitely need a property manager.
    Any suggestions on where I should start with. Is it worth getting a real estate licence if I am doing it part time? Oh btw, I am located in Canada.


    • Hi San, From what I have heard it can be difficult investing in Cananda, because of the price point. I think the first thing you should do is research your market, the properties for sale and what type of returns you would see.

  5. Mark: I keep getting your ad” investfourmore” when I print information from other websites. How do I get rid of it.

  6. Mark-

    I was wondering how you come up with the capital for down payments on your rental properties? Do you withdraw money from other investments like mutual funds or stocks?

  7. not so much a reply but more a question…I am new to the site, but wanted to get a question answered by Mark…in a previous article I read you said you had resources for a lot of realtor. I need to fire my current realtor, but need to find another one first. Hardest part for me is finding anyone to take me seriously. I am relatively new to investing so I don’t have much of a portfolio. If you can assist me in finding a investor friendly realtor in Okaloosa county Florida, that would be great.

    thank you in advance

  8. Hi Mark ….

    Tried 3X to post comment on LinkedIn RE Success Network Group re your “Become Real Estate Agent …To Invest In Rental Properties” post. But took only 5 words .. LOL

    Appreciated your great content/engagement & wanted to pass on deserved props. So with your site open already from earlier click thru to check out pasted comment below.

    P.S…. Let’s connect on LinkedIn




    Stumbled across this group & then you … Law of Attraction at work? 🙂

    I’ve mused about combining REI with some RE service to make RE a more full focus. Your article is food for thought as mentions many benefits, the magnitude of which you’ve articulated well. Interesting competitive advantage angle of sorts where you can pay more because of effective sales commission offset.

    Wonder if getting mortgage license would be more fruitful to build relationships to fuel a long term rentals portfolio growth strategy (accelerated by JV partner financing) plus lead flow for rent-to-own & private lending opportunities? What do you think?

    Took quick peak at your InvestFourMore website …. kudos! Great content, energy & positive vibe plus your big 100 property goal. I’ll be circling back for more thorough read of your content / ideas / strategies. Cheers!

    • Thanks David! I saw your partial comment on LinkedIn. 🙂

      A mortgage license may be beneficial, but my key is my portfolio lender and a mortgage license would not help me with them since they are a local bank. I don’t do any rent to own since our real estate commission frowns upon it and I want to keep them happy. I use some private money from family, but I hear it is getting trickier with the new Dodd Frank regulations.

  9. Hi Mark,

    I love your blog as I stumbled on it from another source and am so happy I found it. While you answered just about all of my questions already, i was curious how you design your portfolio as it relates to asset protection/liability mitigation? My current partner and I are trying to decide whether or not its worth paying some yearly fees and incorporate (or another type of structured company) or just hold out and keep them in our names. I own a 50% stake in 3 rentals total and the concept of incorporation has come up a number of times. Any advice or current blogs on the issue? Thanks,

    Brandon (Orange, CA)

  10. Amazing! I was just plotting this same scheme myself before reading your site. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! It is an awesome goal!

  11. Mark,
    I’m a soon to be real estate invester from the Indianapolis market. I am blown away by the topics and information found in your blog. Everyone hits a burning topic that I have been thinking of and want to learn more about. I feel like your blog alone could be one of my most valued resources as I look to it in a way as a trusted mentor. I am in the process of formally starting my business creation….I am considering a niche as an “all inclusive rental” provider of single family 3/2 homes for Grad Students, Military Personnel and Self Care Special Needs persons. Do you have any expertise in these areas? Love your content and look to be a lifelong reader. Thanks for everything! If there is anyway I can reasonably return the favor and help you let me know! Sincerely, Shaun

    • Thank you Shaun! I appreciate your kind words.
      Right now I specialize in single family sales and renting my own SFR properties. We don’t have a military base in my area so I don’t deal with that. We do have a large college and I own a college rental with my parents. My sister is a property manager and used to specialize in college rentals and I have helped her quite a bit. Personally I stay away from college rentals. In our town most of the college properties are very old and that mixed with college students can lead to a lot of maintenance and repairs. Usually with the college rentals the landlord pays more utilities and there is a lot more turnover as well. I prefer to keep things simple and deal with one family who treat the rental property as their own house and pay utilities. The college students are a lot more needy, aren’t as knowledgably about how to take care of a home and are constantly moving. That’s just my opinion, many investors love college rentals because sometimes there is better cash flow potential to make up for the issues I mentioned. I don’t have an y experience with special needs either. I try to focus my strategy on what I know best which is SFR.
      Good luck on your investing and please feel free to email or comment with any questions. [email protected]

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