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Below you will find all of the numbers, pictures, and videos (if available) on my rental properties

I bought my first rental property in 2010. It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 story I paid about $97,000 for. I bought it when my wife was pregnant with our twins using money from refinancing my personal house. I ended up buying 16 residential rentals from 2010 to 2015 in Northern Colorado. Market prices shot up in my area and I could no longer cash flow with residential rentals in 2016. I stopped buying for a year and then discovered commercial rentals. I have since bought 8 commercial rentals ranging from $70,000 to $2.1 million dollars since 2017.

You can learn all about the basics of rentals in this article: How to get started investing in rental properties.

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Rental NumberBuy PriceRehab CostsOriginal RentCurrent RentCurrent ValueSold PriceCash FlowBefore VideoLatest VideoOther VideosNotesProperty descriptionPurchase DateAddressSold Date
196,9002,5001,0501,500325,000275,000700sold 201912/01/201009/26/2019
392,00018,0001,2501,500385,000Cannot find vid on YT11/01/2011
4109,00015,0001,3001,600400,000Cannot find vid on YT06/06/2012
6115,00014,0001,2501,400385,000Multiple vids03/01/2013
7113,0007,5001,4001,600370,000370,000Multiple vids04/01/2013
897,50023,0001,3001,550320,000370,000, Trashed by Tenants:, Repairs Update Post-Tenants: vids11/01/2013
1099,91717,0001,2501,250305,000210,000Update on Rehab:, After:03/01/201406/15/2017
11109,15218,5001,3001,500375,000Multiple vids07/01/2014
12127,00012,5001,3001,600370,000370,000Multiple vids02/01/2015
14134,00014,0001,4001,500315,000270,000Needs updating as sold on I4M06/01/2015
1545,000075082575,000Cannot find vid on YT06/01/2015
1691,50018,0001,1211,250260,000219,000Needs updating as sold on I4M09/01/201505/15/2020
1772,5001,5007501,300125,00005/01/20172931 31st
18292,00080,0004,5004,500550,000 Progress Vid: vids09/01/2017228 7th st
19101,25011,0001,5001,700250,000Multiple vids10/01/2017E 18th st
20110,00001,5001,800275,00011/01/2017609 13th st
212,100,00010,00021,00032,0006,000,000Update: vids02/01/20183645 10th st
22115,00020,00000185,00010/01/20181619 8th ave
23193,00045,0001,9753,200450,000Update: vids02/01/2019212 1st st
24592,5007,5004,6504,650950,00009/27/201910 oak
25130,00021,0001,6001,650270,00010/28/20191714 9th st
26410,00075,0003,5505,450825,00012/30/2019State Street
27230,0002,5007003,200300,000380,000Update 1:, Update 2: Rd LLC - Sterling warehouse & office building - 25k sqft03/16/2020530 S 6th
28246,000100,0000700,000There are SO many videos on the river house, this one has an update about the Cameron Peak Fire: posted on I4M yetriverside cabin06/24/202038 Jasper
2923,500060,000Update 1:, Update 2:Not posted on I4M yetold and waterlogged commercial. it looks like it is a health hazard07/02/2020312 Edison
30150,0000200,000Not posted on I4M yet18k sq ft commercial07/09/2020308 Edison
31132,50010,000225,000Not posted on I4M yetTavern 8507/20/2020123 HWY 85
32280,00001,7002,850450,000Not posted on I4M yet206 Oak10/02/2020206 Oak
33170,00001,4001,400240,000Not posted on I4M yet208 Oak10/02/2020208 Oak
341,350,0008,50010,5001,800,000229 15th st09/09/2021
35515,0002,5003,300650,000105 S Harriet09/15/2021
36285,0002,4002,650350,000703 E 18th st12/31/2021
37605,0001,6005,600850,000139 w main01/07/2022
38275,00001,0001,000300,000218 1st st02/28/2022
39290,0001,9501,950350,000309 marion06/25/2022
40865,000010,0001,300,000127 e 18th St06/26/2022