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These webinars are full of great information on investing in real estate or becoming a real estate agent.

Why rentals are such as awesome investment

How to buy the best rental properties

How to become a successful real estate agent

Turn-Key Rental Properties


If you are having problems finding cash flowing rental properties turn-key rentals may be the answer. Turn-key rental properties are already repaired, rented and managed when they are sold to you. The property management company handles everything and the properties are located in areas that see great cash flow.

Learn more here.

Programs to help you succeed as a real estate investor

  • This site was created by Darrin Hardy, who is a great motivator and follows many of the success principles I do. One of his mentors was Jim Rohn, who I also love to listen to. I would suggest checking out the website and learning as much as possible. I have bought a couple of audio CD programs from them and love to listen to them in my car. The magazine is full of success stories and how people became successful.
  • 100-day challenge: This program is all about goal setting and a tremendous program. If you are having problems setting or staying on top of your goals, this is a great program for you. It will challenge you to set bigger goals and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.
  • Secret Entourage: This site was started by PJ Ghadami, who has been on my podcast. He is an incredible businessman and entrepreneur. He has started multiple multi-million dollar companies after coming to the US as an immigrant. He started Secret Entourage to help entrepreneurs know what it takes to be successful. The site is all about interviewing extremely successful entrepreneurs and finding out what makes them tick. I was interviewed on the site and did a webinar for them on investing in real estate as well.

Real estate investment loans

Following are real estate investment lenders that help with rentals, fix and flips, and other real estate lending situations. I either have experience with these lenders or have them on good recommendation.

Real Estate Blog Resources

Some of My Most Popular Posts

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My Main Blog Categories

You will also find a short video and description of each category along with the articles.

  1. My rental properties
  2. How to fix and flip
  3. Financing investment properties
  4. Real estate goals and success
  5. How to buy below market value
  6. How to succeed as a real estate agent

My Rental Properties and Detailed Numbers

Here is are links to the details on all my rentals, you can also check out this page: My rental properties

  1. Rental property number 1
  2. Rental property number 2
  3. Rental property number 3
  4. Rental property number 4
  5. Rental property number 5
  6. Rental property number 6
  7. Rental property number 7
  8. Rental property number 8
  9. Rental property number 9
  10. Rental property number 10
  11. Rental property number 11
  12. Rental property number 12
  13. Rental property number 13
  14. Rental Property number 14
  15. Rental Property number 15
  16. Rental Property number 16
  17. Rental Property number 17
  18. Rental Property number 18
  19. Rental Property number 19

My Fix and Flip Properties and Detailed Numbers

See pictures and details on the flips I have completed, or I am currently working on (I usually have from 12 to 22 at one time going).

Fix and Flip Scorecard

My Before and After Real Estate Videos

Check out my before and after videos on YouTube.

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