Rehab Valuator Review: Great Tool for Flippers, Wholesalers and Rentals


  • What do you think about buying smaller/older houses,1300 sqft and below, in nicer neighborhoods (ideally the subject home is surrounded by larger homes) and building additions on, adding to the sq ft?

    • Hi Stan, That all depends on your market and if the comps support the cost of adding square footage. That could be a very good strategy depending on if you are looking to flip or rent.

  • Have you ever considered the people you might be kicking out of apartments (I live in San Francisco where Ellis-Act evictions are out of control) to make money passively? Just curious.

    • Hi Lisa, I had never heard of that before since i am in Colorado. I think the Ellis-Act from what I see is the complete opposite of passive income. It is used to relocate tenants when the use of a building changes from a rental to a single family or condo, which would then be sold. It has nothing to do with passive income but changing the zoning from passive to something else. I don’t think that has anything to do with my strategy or anything discussed on this site.

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