How Hard is it to Become a Real Estate Agent?


  • Great post. I love this blog, keep it coming 🙂

  • Interesting, insightful article. It got me thinking about pursuing a real estate license myself, although I’m more interested in real estate investing. In looking through the requirements I found that you must have an employing broker to actually get the license. Is there a way around that if working for a broker is not the ultimate goal? Or is it not worth getting a license if I don’t expect to be a real estate agent long term? Thanks!

    • I have had a lot of questions about having to work under a broker when you get your license. The short answer is yes, in most states if not all you have to hang your license with a broker. I am writing a new article now with more details.

  • Eric Bishop says:

    Thank you for your article. I have just begun investing in real estate and was researching the requirements in my state for becoming a an agent for the same reasons you state. I am unsure about the requirement of being affiliated with a broker. How does one find a broker that takes in agents that primarily get their license to support their own REI business?

    • I have had a lot of questions about having to work under a broker when you get your license. The short answer is yes, in most states if not all you have to hang your license with a broker. I am writing a new article now with more details.

      • Mark, I’m really excited for when you decide to write that article. I’m a newer investor and I got my license 2 months ago (mostly for educational purposes) but I want to use it and don’t know how to! Looking forward to it. Your articles are awesome, keep them coming!

  • Is 50-year-old too old to start this career? Thanks!

    • No, I think you can start at any time. It does not take a lot to start making money.

  • Celine Crotty says:

    Licensed Realtor
    Thanks Mark, your Articles are very informative. I have learned a lot.

  • Hi Mark,
    It sounds like I’m taking the same Colorado online course that your friend is. I want to throw my computer against the wall. Although I will say I cannot thank you enough for posting about how hard it is to sit and read 70+ slides that are, in my opinion, poorly structured, and then regurgitate it for the test when zero anecdotal information is provided. I was beginning to question my level of intelligence.
    That said, is there any exam prep course you (or your friend) would recommend? I don’t want to take the test multiple times if I can help it and I can confidently say that I am not currently prepared despite being nearly finished with my online classes.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Brit, I do not know of a course myself and my friend only used the course info. I found some course prep stuff for other states but not colorado.

  • Jacquelyn Long says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your article. I’m thinking about pursuing my license as well, but wanted your opinion on the best school to do it as there are a lot of options. One of the links off of your article lead me to an online option for Colorado called What are your thoughts here?



    • Hi, I have not done the classes in so long that it is hard for me to give personal experience. I have never used them and I do not know how good or bad they are. Part of the problem with the Colorado license is the material is so dry and hard to retain.

  • Hi, I have been inquiring about real estate for quite sometime now… in your opinion, how much would you have to invest in order to get licensed?

  • Is it possible to be a real estate agent only during the hours of 5pm to midnight and weekends? I am a full time engineer and do not plan to leave my job but I enjoy real estate very much. I’d like to do it on the side and be deeply involved for investment purposes.

    • Its possible but tough. Some people want to see houses during the day and many agents work during the day who you will have to work with. It is best if you have a partner or someone who can help during those hours.

  • If one is interested in real estate, I strongly suggest taking the course at a school/college. I give your friend a lot of respect for completing the course online. With that said the information is very dry, usually leaving the first 5 chapters about all the fun stuff in real estate, and the 18 remaining chapters in dry cut law and contracts. (In IL). I took the night class route, had a very outgoing teacher and having the option to ask questions was a plus. To sum it up, it honestly felt like a course in law school besides the option to add language to a contract.

  • Thank you for this great information on how to become a real estate agent. Once passed, the challenge now is how to become a great real estate agent just like you Mark. Great post!

  • Peggy Benamon says:

    Thank you for all the helpful real estate information, I’m really looking Forward to receiving email updates. Thank you for all your hard work and years of dedication.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Thank you Peggy!

  • Great article! Becoming a real estate agent takes a lot of hard work. Becoming a GREAT real estate agent is another story. I hope to read more real estate information from you. Keep blogging!

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Thank you!

  • John Miller says:

    Hey Mark, great stuff on here, I am gaining more and more knowledge of real estate. Can I pick your brain by any chance? Just a few questions I promise I wont bombard you or anything. Can you just send me an email? [email protected]

  • I’ve spoken with a number of REO assest managers and as I expected, none of them are willing to spend much time directing me in the right direction.

    Some have said they get all their agents from a 3rd party website like & others say they have a list of agents they go through in the order that they applied. Is it worth signing up on these 3rd party websites?

    Also, I noticed that a lot of asset management companies, tend to want their agents to carry E&O insurance. Is this something that you were required to get before you could list REOs?

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Yes, it is worth signing up everywhere. The REO companies tell that to everyone. That is one way they weed out applicants. They don’t go through in the list they applied. They use the agents they know first and then look at qualifications. You will have to have E and O to work with any REO company.


    • Mark Ferguson says:

      All true

  • Adam herzog says:

    I loved this post and lots of information that I was looking for. I’m only 19 and I was wondering if that is to young to start. Also any tips before and and after I could do to get a good start in my career.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      You are not too young to start, but state laws do vary on when you can get your license. I would look into those. Also check out my real estate agent article category. A lot of great info in there.

  • working in my license. Any advice ?

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Read my real estate articles. 🙂 There is a ton of information in them.

  • Jonas Smith says:

    Anyone who wants to enjoy a career in the real estate domain as an agent can make good use of this article. The steps that needs to be followed in order to get the real estate license and the things to keep in mind after acquiring it have been mentioned very clearly by the author.

  • hello Mark.i would like to know.can i get real estate agent licence and work as agent in USA,if im not us citizen,but i have my visa?bcz im EU citizen.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Honestly I do not know.

    • Nick Peterson says:

      some states require at least US high school diploma, so…

      Then they call it ‘land of opportunity” haaha..yeah only for the residents.

      • Mark Ferguson says:

        Usually a GED will work as a substitute.

  • Jenna smith says:

    Hey mark, I am a 20 year old hairstylist looking to get into the real estate field. I understand the demand to get clients can be one of the hardest parts, do you think my age will effect my representation?

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      No, many people as that question and as long as you don’t let it affect your business it won’t be significant.

  • Marcia jackson says:

    Hello, I would like to know how much do you need know in order to get in the field. Looking to learn more about real estate. Where should I start? Thanks!

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Keep reading my articles

  • Real estate! Man what a beautiful thing! So many people have become rich and are living the dream life all because of those two little words. “Real Estate”! I personally am obsessed with it. Thanks for sharing this one. Looking forward to your next blog.

  • How long does it take to get your licence in St.Louis?

  • As a licensed investor in Oklahoma, I can say that having my license has definitely been worth it. There are a lot of hosues we go to see that can’t be bought at investment levels but can be listed. Those are easily turned into listings or referrals. As you said the savings on listing properties you own is also beneficial. As a home buying company, I think it adds credibility to be licensed also.

    • Mark Ferguson says:


  • Hi Mark … is it possible to be a realtor if I am new to the state where I live right now ? I did take the class couple years ago but I lost confidence.

  • Melissa LeMay says:

    Hello Mark!
    All this info is great! I’m starting down this journey at almost 50. I’ve always had the ‘want to’, but never took the leap because for so many yrs I was a single mom of 3. Might be ridiculous, but I’m over being someone else’s b&#/$ and them running me ragged in corp America and bleeding me of my life.
    After obtaining my license, I’ll probably need to work part time initially in the business, because I like to eat and pay bills. I’m not blind to think it will be easy and I know it will be rough.
    Because of this, I want to start to plan for the ‘after the license’ piece if possible. However, I’m not sure I know how to plan for that time? Do you have any material or resources on ‘planning’ after the licence? I’m sure there are so many variables, but it seems like there should be steps to take just like the are so many to avoid.

    Thanks again!

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Have you seen my book or coaching program?