Is it Better to Take Real Estate School Online or in a Classroom?


  • Michael Lane Jr says:

    I personally preferred taking classes online to get my CA real estate license. I chose that method because it was affordable, I could go at my own pace, and I could do it around my schedule. The company I took my classes from also refund the cost and pay for you to take the exam a second time if you fail.
    Before taking the online classes I had taken Real Estate Practice in the classroom at a local community college. From that experience I learned how taking the courses in a traditional classroom setting could be useful. You get to great networking opportunities. Often times the instructor can even refer you to a great brokerage firm to get you started.

    • Hi Michael,
      I think the networking opportunities are very valuable in a classroom setting. But if you cant make their schedule work it might not make sense.

  • vd.martin says:

    Is there any in person classes you recommend? I know it depends on the state you live in, I live in Houston Tx, I am a cosmetologist and I am really thinking about becoming a real state agent, I work hard and advertising is big, keeping clients happy is big to make money in this industry but it seems like real state job pays more LOL I would really appreciate the help. Also, How much do you think is reasonable to pay for a in person course? I am doing my own research on this but I would love to hear your advice! love reading your articles! Thank you and God bless.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Hi VD, That all depends on your state requirements and what’s available. I know some can be $1,000 around here for in person.

  • Ashley M. Gonzalez says:

    Do you by any chance know of a good real estate school in Los Angeles county I’m very interested in becoming a real estate agent but I have no idea where to begin and where to take my in person classes I’ve tried googling some but the only ones that come up are online classes by the way thank you for this article it was very helpful

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      I do not, sorry!

  • Charlotte says:

    Is there an online class available in sc for real estate online??

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Did you check real estate express? There is a link in the article to them

  • Are the classes at real estate express videos, audio, text, or a combination?

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      A combo

  • Mr. B. From Fargo, ND. says:

    [ Can having a Real Estate License be to a disadvantage ] in some cases? Here is the reason i ask. I was an Aircraft Mechanic. In the Air Force. At the age of 19. I found it to be a rather challenging course. Although i do like a challenge. My passion was in remodeling homes. So that is the career i pursued after leaving the Air Force. I teamed up with my brother. Flipping houses was are goal. I chose in class Real Estate to get my license. After completing the course ( witch was no piece of cake like you said ). I derided against taking the test to get my license. My reason being.. It was my understanding. If i was a licensed Realtor. I wouldn’t be aloud to represent my brother as his Realtor. And I would also have to inform any potential buyer or seller of my license. So i felt the most sensible resolution in my case was to have the knowledge but not the license. Now 15 – 20yrs later of not following through with the required hr’s of on going Education. I have derided to take the course once again. Online this time. Please share your comments. And thank you so much for your time.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      I have never heard of any state where you cannot represent your brother as an agent. Yes, you have to disclose that you are an agent or that the person you are representing it related to you, but that does not mean you cannot represent them. In my experience disclosure does not hurt, it gives you more accountability and may even create more trust.

  • Frank Dunfey says:

    IT’s a shame the person that wrote this article did zero research on it.
    I called Real Estate Express because I went to there website that he said Did All 50 states. and wow to my surprise I didn’t see my state. and when I counted the list of ONLY 25 states.. I called them. .they stated that NO they do not do all 50 states. that the LAWS in some states do not allow them to do ALL 50 states and never has..
    Nice article.. nice fact checking.. I’m not going to bother checking the rest of what you wrote i’ll just take the rest of it with a grain of salt also. when I read articles that have incorrect information, in that article.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Actually I did a lot of research on it and at first I was given the wrong info. I have many articles on the site and updated most of them, but this one got missed.

  • Sophia Andros says:

    In WV, the in class court include finance, appraisal and law. Do I really do finance and appraise as a real estate agent? Or these option are for knowledge? Online courts don’t include these.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      THey would be very helpful to take

  • What are the advantages of taking online classes?