Real Estate Investing Calculators

Real estate is all about the numbers. Over the years, I have developed calculators that help with my investing and share those on this page. We have made calculators for cash flow, cash on cash return, BRRR, inflation, 1031 exchange, the 70% rule, and more. We are constantly adding new calculators so be sure to check back often!

Cash Flow Calculator

This calculator shows the true cash flow on rental properties after accounting for all expenses.

Cash on Cash Calculator

This calculator shows the cash return you get on the cash you have invested.

House Flipping 70% Rule Calculator

This calculator shows the price you should pay for a house flip if you use the 70% rule.

Inflation Calculator

This future value inflation calculator tells you how your cash and assets will change over the the next 30 years!

1031 Exchange Calculator

This calculator shows how much you will pay in taxes if you sell a rental with or without a 1031 exchange.

Cap Rate Calculator

This calculator shows the Cap rate, value, or income of a property.

BRRRR Calculator

This calculator shows the money needed, return, cash flow, and cash invested in a BRRRR property after refinancing.

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