Funding & Financing Real Estate

Everyone needs money! Including me and you.


Don't let your current state hold you back!!

When you find great deals you can make money right away without a lot of cash but if you want to build an empire you will want to buy deals yourself. There is nothing like closing on a property that you control, that will give you instant equity, and possibly pay you for life. Of course, doing one deal is cool, but it's a whole lot cooler if you can buy more and scale!

Finding money to do those deals yourself is a huge obstacle for many but it may be as hard as you think. There is money everywhere and many times we simply don’t know where to look or we are scared to look. Once you learn to find the money to do more deals, more money usually follows and it is not anyone doing you favors, it is you doing them favors. 

Everything you need to know about funding & financing real estate investments.

At the end of this course, you'll be an expert on the entire range of funding and financing options available to help you both get started and also scale!

Very few people start their real estate careers with a ton of money. Instead, almost every successful person you see today, including me, started with nothing. But we put the time in to figure out how to get money to fuel our ambitions.

The Course:

  • Covers loans, finding money, financing flips, and rentals.
  • Complements my Finding Deals course.
  • Encourages good money management through other courses.

Learn at your Pace:

  • Don't feel overwhelmed by the content.
  • Re-watch or skip around as needed.
  • Take action, even small steps, to get motivated.
  • Take the quizzes to confirm your understanding.

Focus on Education:

  • This course is about real estate financing, not a sales pitch.
  • Dive into why funding matters, owner-occupied loans, conventional loans, hard money loans, private money loans, local bank loans, DSCR loans, seller financing, subject-to loans, partnering, and syndications.
  • Understand the money you have, business & personal loans, refinances, and lines of credit.

Taking Action:

  • Learning is important, but don't get stuck there.
  • Put it all together and formulate a plan.
  • How to network with people, explore financing options, and take steps forward.

20 modules with videos and summaries

Videos, written summaries, and quizzes

Funding & Financing Course

Learn about the many options available and what I still use to this day.

Like most of you, I didn't start with money. I have used funding and financing since day 1. And I still rely on it today. Many people have money or can get money...they just don’t know how. There are ways to start with much less money than most think. you need to be careful. The type of funding you get may impact your ability to scale. And the wrong partnerships can be nightmares.

Let me show you all of the options available to you along with the true pros and cons of each.

What You Will Learn

I created the Funding & Financing Real Estate program to teach people about eliminating the major blocker in getting started and also scaling. This program helps you learn the basics as well as some in-depth strategies.

Funding and Financing Course

Why Use Financing

  • Buy More Properties: Most people don't have enough cash to buy properties outright. Financing allows you to purchase multiple properties and grow your portfolio faster.
  • Higher Overall Returns: Leveraging financing can magnify your returns compared to using all cash. Even with loan costs, you can potentially make more money by buying more properties.
  • Tax Advantages: When you refinance a property with increased value, you can take out cash tax-free. This frees up capital for further investment.
  • Build Equity Faster: As your financed properties appreciate in value, your equity grows. This equity can be used to secure additional loans for more investments.

Money for Down Payments

Covering down payments and repairs are major hurdles for most people.

We'll cover establishing reserves, borrowing against retirement, refinancing existing properties, using other investments, using cash value from life insurance, selling underperforming properties, getting business & personal loans, and more!

Loan Types in Detail

Dive deep into many loan types available, each with dedicated modules:

  • Conventional
  • Local Banks
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Private Money
  • DSCR Loans
  • Partnerships
  • Personal & Business Loans
  • Subject-To Loans
  • More


This is a key to the course. I emphasize the importance of creating a real estate investment plan.

Having a plan is crucial: Just watching and learning isn't enough. You need a plan to take action and achieve your goals.

The perfect plan doesn't exist: Your plan should be a starting point, not a set-in-stone roadmap. It can (and should) be adjusted as you go.

Funding & Financing Real Estate

Funding & Financing Real Estate

  • Funding & Financing Course by Mark Ferguson
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  • 20 Modules
  • Videos and Summaries
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