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The Complete Blueprint – Rental Properties, Flipping, Etc – Direct Access to Mark

  • Monthly Calls With Mark plus Years of Recorded Calls
  • Email Coaching Directly with Mark
  • Massive guide on Buying Rentals Plus Video Training
  • Call to Actions for Each Module to get you Taking Action ASAP
  • Comes With the Flipping and Deal Course

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The Fix & Flip System

  • Video Training Course on Exaclty How we Flip From 20 to 30 Houses a Year
  • How to Find the Best Contractors
  • How to Get the Best Financing
  • What to Repair and What Not to Repair
  • How to Scale!
  • Included With the Complete Blueprint

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How to Find a Deal

  • Detailed Video Course on Finding Deals in Any Market
  • How We find Our 20 to 30 Deals a Year on Flips and Rentals
  • Instructions on How to Find Deals with from Wholesalers, MLS, Auctions, Direct Marketing, FSBO, Foreclosures, and more
  • Checklists for What to Look For Every Day!
  • Included With The Complete Blueprint

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InvestFourMore Books

InvestFourMore Books

Signed Copies of Mark Ferguson’s Complete Book Collection

You can buy Mark’s books individually on Amazon (links below), or you can now purchase signed copies of his entire set directly from InvestFourMore!

Mark Ferguson Books

The entire set is available for just $135! That includes signed copies of each of the books mailed to you directly.

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Build a Rental Property Empire

Rental properties are one of the best vehicles to grow your money and retire early. I have learned over the last 2 decades the best ways to find, analyze, buy, finance, manage, and even sell rental properties. Rentals have been an amazing investment for me. I have purchased 23 rentals up to this point (still buying) which bring in over $12,000 in income every month after all expenses. I did not need millions of dollars to buy these properties.

In fact, I was able to take much of the money I invested in them back out using different strategeis. I discuss everything in this book with nothing held back. It has been one of the best-selling real estate books on Amazon the last couple of years. I have also constantly updated it to keep it fresh for today’s real estate market.

What You’ll Learn:

    • Why rental properties are one of the best investments if you buy them right. I will teach you what a good rental is, how to analyze them, and how to get a great deal on one.
    • How to manage rental properties if you choose to do it yourself. I also go over how to repair rentals, find contractors, find tenants, and finance them to get the most bang for your buck.
    • I talk about how to build up a large portfolio of rentals, not just how to buy one. One rental is great, but you can change your life when you pile more and more rentals into your portfolio.

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The Book on Negotiating Real Estate 

Whether I am buying rental properties or house flips, I must get a good deal on everything I buy. I want to get a good deal on the house I live in and if you are a wholesaler you have to get a good deal to have any success at all.

J Scott and I wrote this book together on how to negotiate real estate deals. This includes negotiating to get a great deal and to sell your property for the most money. There are many tricks, tips, and unique techniques we both use and have included in this book to help you learn how to get a better deal on everything you buy and sell.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to negotiate with sellers including off-market owners, banks, HUD, MLS deals, Auctions, and more, to get the best initial deal you can.
  • How to respond to offers, counter-offers, negotiate inspections, repairs, and talk to people. Negotiating is not a war that you want to win. It is a mutually beneficial agreement where everyone is happy. If you can figure out what makes the other party happy while achieving what you want it is a win/win.
  • How to read people, figure out what is important to them, and talk to them in a way that will make them trust you. Everyone is different and we go over how to talk to different personality traits and figure out what they want.

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Fix and Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom

I have flipped over 165 homes (constantly adding to that number) and have 15 flips in progress. I have flipped houses since 2002 and learned a lot over the years. I have grown and expanded the business buying and selling more almost every year since then. Flipping is not easy and nothing like what the television makes it out to be. You have to know the numbers: ARV, repairs, carrying costs, selling costs, financing costs and more. If you can figure out the business it can be a ton of fun and very lucrative.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find houses with enough room to make a profit after all expenses! Where to find the deals, how to get those deals, and tips to beat others out.
  • How to finance house flips, how to repair the flips (not you repair them yourself, but manage the repair process), what to fix and what not to fix, and how to sell them for the most money.
  • How to build the business so that you are not doing all the work and can flip multiple houses at once. Flipping once house at a time and making all the repairs yourself is not a business. I only do the parts of the business that I love, I let others do the rest.

Buy “The Book on Negotiating Real Estate” on Amazon

Paperback | Kindle | Audible

How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent

I have sold more than 200 houses a year in multiple years. I have built a team to sell houses for me and I started a real estate brokerage. I have learned a lot about being a real estate agent and broker over the last 15 plus years.

I share all of it in this book. Most people fail when they become agents because they have no idea what to expect or what the business is really like. If you are prepared and know what you need to do to sell houses, you have to make a lot of money and have the freedom that comes with being a real estate agent.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How much money you can make, how much you will need, how to save money, where to spend marketing money, and much more. This is a tricky business and many new agents are completely lost about how to start. I outline exactly what you should do to be successful.
  • How to find clients, build a database, advertise (without spending a ton), how to close deals, and how to get people to tell everyone they know how good of an agent you are.
  • How to build a team so that you are not doing all the work. Who to hire, when to hire them, and how to hand off the tasks that you do not like!

Buy “How to Make It Big as a Real Estate Agent” on Amazon

Paperback | Kindle | Audible

How to Change Your Mindset to Achieve Huge Success

My life turned around when I took control of my thoughts and attitude. I had always thought I was smart and things would just magically happen for me. That did not work very well when I was younger. I realized I had to make things happen if I wanted to be successful. When I changed my attitude, my outlook, my work ethic, started making goals and analyzed my life, everything changed. I made more money, saved more money, invested more money, had less stress and was happier. Do not discount how much our attitude and mindset affects our success!

What You’ll Learn:

  • All the techniques I have learned and use to be positive, set goals, review goals, make business decisions, deal with the good and bad that will always happen, handle money, and be happy.
  • How simple thought changes can create huge changes in your life. How good habits can be created to replace bad habits. How to work smarter, not harder.
  • What is important in life. Success is not just about making as much money as you can, but being happy. I want to be successful and have time for my family and myself

Buy “How to Change Your Mindset” on Amazon

Paperback | Kindle

How to Buy a House

Many people want to be investors or want to buy a home to live in. Unfortunately most people do not take the time to learn the basics about how the house buying process works.

This books goes over the entire process of buying and selling houses from a real estate agent and real estate investor prospective. You cannot rely on others to know everything and do all the work for you. If you want to make the best purchase and the most money when you sell you need to know how the process works.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The basics of buying a house including how real estate agents work, how loans work, how to find houses, how title companies or attorneys work, how an inspection is complete, how an appraisals works, and much more.
  • Why buying a house is an awesome investment no matter what you use it for. There is a huge push towards renting instead of buying but I think a home is an incredible source of wealth if bought the right way.
  • What all the terms mean in the real estate world. I talk about the entire house buying and selling process as well as the terms that agents and lenders use so that you are not left in the dark.

Paperback | Kindle

Buying into Success:

What You’ll Learn:

Buying Into Success is a fun, thought-provoking journey through life and real estate.

  • This is a fiction book! It is a story about Mo who is tired of just getting by and wants to do something with his life. He discovers real estate.
  • The book is a fast easy read but packed full of info! It is like Rich Dad Poor Dad with details!
  • Learn about agents, wholesaling, flipping, rentals, and title insurance, inspections, loans and much more.

Paperback | Kindle

For Agents

Six Figure Agent Success System

The Blueprint will help you buy more houses, learn your market and take action. It includes coaching directly with Mark Ferguson. There is a 300 page guide with specific actions to take to get started ASAP. CD’s, MP3’s, videos, conference calls, and unlimited email coaching with Mark.

 Agent Success Formula

REO & BPO Agent Starter Kit

It is not easy to get started listing REOs. There are a lot of banks, a lot of asset management companies and not all of them have REO listings. There are even some companies that will promise to give you listings for a fee and then disappear never to be heard from again. I wasted a lot of time and money chasing companies that never had REO assets.

Make Money /w BPO

1-On-1 Coaching

Consulting With Mark Ferguson

You are welcome to call me about any subject.

Here here are a few statistics on what I have done recently.

  • Sold over 550 houses the last three years as a real estate agent.
  • Fix and flipped over 100 homes.
  • Own 16 rental properties making me over $8,000 a month in profit.
  • Completed Jack Canfield personal coaching and goal setting.
  • Created a blog from scratch with no experience writing or blogging into a 300,000 view a month website in less than two years.
  • I do all this without working more than 50 hours a week and usually much less.

I would love to help you plan your future and set you on the right track for success or simply help you analyze a deal.

Once you purchase time I will send you an email to schedule a call and get more details.

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