Are Short-Term Rentals (Airbnb) a Good Investment?

airbnb risks

I do not have any short-term or Airbnb rentals. However, a lot of people have asked me to write about them because they have become so popular lately. I do not have short term-rentals because I don’t have the time to manage them or have a property manager that wants to manage them either. There … Read more

How Will the CoronaVirus Impact Real Estate?

coronavirus and real estate

I have been a real estate agent, broker, and investor since 2002, and I have seen many crazy things happen in that time. I went through the worst housing crash in the history of the United States, and I have been a part of one of the most prolific housing markets in U.S. history since … Read more

Who are the Best Hard Money Lenders?

hard money loans

Hard money loans are typically used to flip houses or for short term financing on other real estate projects. Finding a hard money lender is not a difficult task. A Google search for hard money lenders will turn up about 1,000 results. The tough part is finding a hard money lender that has reasonable rates, … Read more

Clayton Morris and the Morris Invest Fraud Accusations

Clayton Morris Scam

Clayton Morris is a real estate investor who used to be the host of “Fox and Friends” on Fox News. He took about $5,000,000 in referral fees for selling turnkey rental properties. He has also been accused of scamming hundreds of investors by selling properties that were not rehabbed or even built in some cases. … Read more

Can Foreigners Invest in United States Real Estate?

Can Foreigners Invest in United States Real Estate

The United States has one of the best markets for investing in real estate in the world. Prices are relatively cheap, financing is usually simple, and the laws are clear on who owns the land. Many foreigners want to invest in US real estate but do not know where to start. There are no restrictions … Read more

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