When Should You Hire a Real Estate Assistant?

real estate assistant

I have been a very successful real estate agent, broker, and investor. There is no way I could have done what I have done without help and a real estate assistant or assistants. I began making good money in real estate as an REO broker, but I also flip houses, own rentals, started a brokerage, and … Read more

What are the Best Ways to Invest in Real Estate?

best ways to invest in real estate

There are many ways to invest in real estate with fix-and-flips, long-term rentals, vacation rentals, REITs, short-term rentals, crowdfunding, nonperforming loans, wholesaling, and your personal residence. I invest in real estate with long-term rentals and house flips, although I also own a real estate brokerage. I love long-term rentals because they offer great returns which … Read more

Ardor SEO Review: Stay Away from Kris Reid

ardor seo scam

I am providing a review to help people save time, money, and frustration by picking the wrong company to help with SEO (search engine optimization). Kris Reid contacted me in 2017 to be on my podcast to help promote his company Ardor SEO. He said he was an expert at helping real estate agents get … Read more

The Story of My First Rental Property

my first rental

The year was 2008, and I had decided for sure that rental properties were how I was going to invest my money. It would be the end of 2010 before I bought my first rental. Even though I was in the real estate industry, it took a long time to figure out what kind of rental … Read more