Do High Interest Rates Cause Housing Prices to Drop?

interest rates vs house prices

I have been hearing repeatedly how housing prices will crash when interest rates go up. But is that what the data says? I think a lot of people assume that housing prices drop when rates go up and housing prices go up when interest rates go down. The reason people assume this is because you … Read more

Will More Money Make you Happier?

kids washing Lamborghini Diablo

There is a lot of debate about whether money makes people happy. Some are big believers that money will bring you more happiness, while others feel there is a limit to what money can do. There was a major study done that showed making more money will make you happier, but there is a limit … Read more

How to Screen Tenants For Rental Properties

How to Screen Tenants For Rental Properties

When I bought my first rental properties I managed them myself, with some help from my wife. If you ask my wife, she would probably say she managed them with a little bit of help from me. Whichever is true, we did a decent job of managing the houses, but we could have done much … Read more

What States Have the Least and Most Expensive Home Insurance Rates?

What States have the Least and Most Expensive Home Insurance Rates

We recently published a few lists about property and income tax rates in each state. I am a real estate investor and these statistics can help other investors know what states are landlord friendly and which states are not! Another really interesting metric is the cost of insurance in each state. Many people think insurance … Read more

What States have the Highest and Lowest Income Taxes?

income tax by state

Not every state in the US has the same income taxes! Many states have zero income taxes (Texas) while others have extremely high income taxes (California)! It is not just income taxes that vary by state. Different states have different property tax rates, different vehicle tax rates, different sales tax rates, and more. Income taxes … Read more

What is Earnest Money and Why is it Needed?

InvestFourMore Earnest Money

When a buyer agrees to purchase a property from a seller, the buyer usually pays earnest money as a deposit on the home. The earnest money amount varies based on the type of deal being done and the price of the home. The earnest money goes along with the contract to buy and sell but … Read more

Why It Is Okay to Have Big Dreams

InvestFourMore Dreams Web

The world has become full of people telling us how to live our lives. How to spend our money, how to save it, what career to get, and what we should dream about. I can’t stand it when people tell others exactly how they should live! We are all different and we all have different … Read more

How Does a Mortgage Work When Buying a House?

How Does a Mortgage Work When Buying a House

Buying a house is a dream for many people. Houses are expensive and they keep getting more and more expensive. Very few people have the cash needed to buy a house outright but mortgages are available, allowing the majority of people to own a home. In the United States, about 67% of households own the … Read more

What Colors Do We Paint Our House Flips?

House paint color

I have flipped more than 200 houses and we are not one of those companies that paint every house the same color. We usually try out new colors all the time and make sure to use different colors on most of our projects. We show all of our house flips on YouTube and people are … Read more

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