How to Retire Early with Rental Properties

How to Retire Early with Rental Properties

We have all been told to go to college, get a good job, invest money in the stock market, and retire at age 65. The stock market is said to be the safest and fastest way to retire early. There are advertisements all over television, the radio, and online. The retirement calculators tell us how much … Read more

How Does a Triple Net (NNN) Commercial Lease Work?

How Does a Triple Net (NNN) Commercial Lease Work

An NNN lease is very common in commercial real estate. I have used them on the commercial rentals that I own and on commercial spaces that I have leased. NNN stands for net, net, net. It means that the tenant pays most of the expenses. They pay the rent fees plus property taxes, property insurance, … Read more

The Tax Advantages and Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

The Tax Advantages And Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate

Real estate can be a great investment thanks to cash flow, buying below market value, leverage, and appreciation. However, one of the best reasons to invest in real estate is the tax advantage. There are tax advantages to buying rental properties or a personal house. House flipping is usually treated as a job and does … Read more

Real Estate Investing Glossary and Terms

I have been a real estate investor and agent for almost 20 years and it took me most of those years to learn some of these terms. Do not feel bad if you don’t all the lingo in real estate!   Glossary of real estate terms: 1 Percent Rule: A rule of thumb used to … Read more

How to Decide If You Should You Sell or Rent Out Your House

Many people consider renting out their home instead of selling it. They may not be able to get the price they want, or they may want to get into the real estate investment business. While renting out a home may seem simple, it takes work, and there are many things to consider: taxes, maintenance, vacancies, … Read more

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