Will 3D House Printing Change the Way Houses are Built?

Will 3D House Printing Change the Way Houses are Built

Any new technology is often hyped up beyond belief in today’s society. 3D house printing is a crazy idea that you can build houses with 3d printers. I say crazy but this is really happening and 3D houses have been printed! The question is not whether 3D houses can be printed, but whether they will … Read more

How to Invest With a Real Estate IRA

Real Estate IRA

Many people think an IRA can only be used to invest in stocks or mutual funds. However, there are many investment options when investing with an IRA that many investors are unaware of, even real estate or bitcoin. It is not complicated to invest an IRA in real estate and it can be an awesome way … Read more

Is Virtual Real Estate Worth Buying?

Is Virtual Real Estate Worth Buying?

Virtual real estate has been gaining a lot of popularity lately but many people have no idea what it is! To be fair, many of the creators of virtual real estate may not know exactly what virtual real estate can do yet either. I think virtual real estate has a ton of opportunities and can … Read more

Do Real Estate Agents Have a Future?

Do Real Estate Agents Have A Future

I hear all the time how websites like Zillow and Trulia are going to replace the real estate agent, much like the travel agent was replaced by online travel sites. I see posts on forums or get emails explaining why real estate agents are paid too much and the industry must change or technology will … Read more

How to Buy Virtual Real Estate in Upland: A Metaverse World

How To Buy Virtual Real Estate In Upland A Metaverse World

I have been a real estate investor in the real world for many years. I own residential single-family houses, multifamily apartments, and even commercial properties. I am also a real estate broker, house flipper, and YouTuber so when I heard about virtual real estate I was intrigued but also skeptical at the same time. I … Read more

Is it Better to Invest for Cash Flow or Appreciation?

Is It Better To Invest For Cash Flow Or Appreciation

I am a huge proponent of investing in rental properties for cash flow, but I don’t invest just for cash flow. I love the money my rentals produce in income every month but I also love the equity I have. My rentals have created millions of dollars of net worth for me and while the … Read more

Is Investing in Rental Properties Risky?

How Risky is Investing in Rental Properties?

I am trying to buy as many rental properties as possible because of the great returns they provide. I am also trying to help other investors discover the fantastic world of investing in long-term rentals through my blog. However, I run into a lot of feedback from people who are worried about how risky it … Read more

Why did Zillow Stop Buying Houses With Their iBuyer Program?

Zillow announced a week ago that they are halting their iBuyer program until they can catch up with the backlog of inventory they have accumulated. Their iBuyer program is what they use to buy and sell homes. They recently announced they are done with the program completely and will need to write off $3 billion … Read more

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