Mark Ferguson Real Estate Mastermind 2024 Schedule in Colorado

InvestFourMore Mastermind Event

I (Mark Ferguson) will hold 4 in-person masterminds in Colorado in 2024. I love doing these because it gives people from all over the country a chance to meet, learn about each other’s business, give advice, get advice, and think outside the box. I attended a mastermind like this a few years ago and loved … Read more

What Areas in the US have the strictest building codes?

The United States, as has most of the world, has made stricter and stricter building codes over the years. However, the United States does not have any national building codes the states or local cities make their own rules. I have found the states or areas with the strictest building codes also have the highest … Read more

How to accept credit cards for rent Payments

How to accept credit cards for rent payments

I have owned rental properties for many years and recently we started using a company that allows us to accept credit cards for rent payments. There are pros and cons to accepting credit cards but our tenants love it and they can pay online with many different sources besides credit cards. It can be quite … Read more

What I learned after buying my first laundromat

The Pros and Cons of Owning A Laundromat

I bought two laundromats over the last year and I have learned so much after diving into the business headfirst. I am not an expert on laundromats but I have learned enough to point out some of the pros and cons for someone thinking about geting into the business. I bought one of the laundromats … Read more

Should you invest in real estate when interest rates are high?

With interest rates rising over the last year, it has made it tougher and tougher for real estate investors and owner-occupied home buyers. People need places to live whether they are rentals or personal houses and higher rates make those properties much more expensive unless someone is paying cash. While higher rates make it tougher … Read more

Why High Interest Rates Will Make Housing More Expensive

A lot of people including Jerome Powell who runs the Federal Reserve assume high interest rates will make housing cheaper. They believe that higher rates make houses less affordable and therefore, prices will decrease. There are many things wrong with this line of thinking, but they are missing an incredibly important concept. High rates may … Read more

Is ROI or ROE Better When Analyzing Rental Properties?

Is ROI or ROE Better When Analyzing Rental Properties

Return on equity (ROE) and return on investment (ROI) are two important financial metrics that are used to measure the profitability of a rental property, a business, or another type of investment. Both metrics are expressed as a percentage, and they both measure the amount of profit that is generated from a given amount of … Read more

How Hard is it to Be a Landlord?

How Hard is it to Be a Landlord

I have owned rental properties for more than 13 years and being a landlord was one of the best choices I ever made but it is not easy. There are many aspects to owning rentals from finding good properties, to financing them, to managing them. Many people may think the hardest part of being a … Read more

5 Tips to Avoid Losing Money as an Accidental Landlord

5 Tips to Avoid Losing Money as an Accidental Landlord

Are you an accidental landlord? An accidental landlord is someone who lived in a house or inherited a house and decided to rent it out without ever planning to be a landlord in the first place. Being a landlord can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the game. Many accidental landlords completely … Read more

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