How Much Does it Cost to Fix Up and Repair a House?


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  1. Good to know. I’ve always been warned not to go for a house that needs repairs because surely there must be more hidden defects than the owners list, especially if the price is considerably low. On the other hand I have heard of friends who got a house for a nice bargain because they were willing to put in the time and effort to renovate rather than move in or rent out immediately.

  2. Very good and lines up with my experience renovating properties. We will do major rehabs if the numbers work because we can and many will avoid them. Nothing is difficult with the right team.

  3. @Mark: You might want to consider looking into open box appliances from Best Buy. Depends on your nearby store inventory, u might score very good deals and u get 5% cash back if u have a BB credit card. One time i got a stainless steel electrical range for $400 in excellent condition.

    • Thanks Billy, right now time is my mot valuable asset. I do get open box items from my appliance store now, but it is rare. I can’t check the stores all the time to see what they have and I want my contractors working and not shopping around as well. Thank you for the suggestion. if I happen to be there I will see what they have.

  4. I gain alot of information from your blogs .I take you as my model in real estate investment.Thanks for sharing

  5. Learn so much from you. Following your complete blue print guide is really great.
    This article giving me good reminders for rehabing a property I currently have under contract.
    Thanks again

  6. Info very useful, Thanks Noticed typo – I think you meant “walls & ceilings” not “floors”.. “.drywall specialist charged about $3,000 to the floors and ceilings in three rooms”

  7. Didn’t see AC on the list. For one of ours houses, the AC unit worked fine, but the Contractor recommended $1100 in duct work. When the past owners replaced the AC 7 years ago, they didn’t replace the duct work. The house was built in ’78

    • AC, that is one I left out. Why did he think the ducts needed redone? Is the house not cooling down?

      A new AC is around $3,000 to $3,500 in my area for a 2,000 square foot house

  8. The Ac guy said “for efficiency”. I got a second opinion. The new Ac guy recommended cleaning the ducts. $199. Saw no reason to replace them. I’m finding out that second opinions can be very worth while.

  9. Last year me and my family rent a house. We have repaired kitchen and baths. We have change some of the plumbs. Everything cost us fifteen thousand. I am thinking that if we did electrical repairs it would cost us twenty thousand…..which is too much. Don’t forget when you start repairing sometimes you can not stop. Best regards!

  10. My house is low on on side and my floors need to be lifted up. Do you think it can be repaired.

    • It all depends on how bad it is and what is causing it. I would have a contractor look at it.

  11. I recently had a contractor quote me $1300 to replace three sides of my window trim on one window, re-caulk seal (silicon) and paint match. They also want to silicon any gaps in the hardy siding below. Thing is the window is on the 3rd floor and not easily accessible. Am I being taken for a ride?

    • Hard to say without knowing the job and what labor is in your area. Best thing to do is get a second estimate.

  12. This is the tips that will going to help many to repair their home. You mentioned all the details that can be helpful to decide the budget of the total renovation. Thanks for sharing.

  13. i would like you writes something about how we can chose a fix and up house for to be a good deal and no waste our money. thank you

  14. How much would it cost to take out everything inside a house, and just leave it blank like a warehouse? The house in question is 900 square feet.

    • It all depends on what is there now. It could be a couple thousand or ten thousand. The big questions would be beat, electric, and plumbing.

  15. This was helpful. Thank you. I am looking to purchase a adobe style home in Santa Fe,NM and want to possibly renovate, restore and remodel this home. I’m just assuming it’s going to be close to 100K.

  16. I have House in the Curacao Dutch Caribbean Island . I’m looking for investor that can help me fix the house so we can put it on the Market for Rent of Sale !! We can make deal if you have the money !! I need respond ASAP !!

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