How One Thought Will Help You Focus and Be Successful

For some reason, everyone has problems finishing an important task or big project; we lose our focus. We get distracted, we find something else to do or we run into a roadblock that we cannot get around. Why does this seem to happen with every task we do that is important to us? Most likely we have a mental block that is keeping us from finishing that super important task. How can we get around that mental task and be more successful at everything we do?

This is the fifth articles in my series on self-improvement and becoming more successful through attitude. I know changing my attitude has helped me be much more than I ever thought possible and this series is meant to help others achieve the same results.

One book that helped me become more successful with focus

The War of Art is an awesome book by Steven Pressfield. This book was recommended to me by my Jack Canfield coaching program and it was fantastic. The author wrote The Legend of Bagger Vance and many other successful books and screenplays. Steven discusses his techniques and attitude that helped him break through his own writing blocks and succeed. The biggest thing I got out of this book was my personal slogan “Conquer the resistance”.

Why most people lose focus and not finish what they start?

One of the great lessons in The War of Art is to finish what we start. That sounds like a simple thing, but it is not easy to do. Think about when you have a big project for work or are close to getting something you have worked on for a long time done. When we are really close to finishing our task we suddenly lose momentum, we get distracted and a task that should have been completed long ago is still lingering around.

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Steven Pressfield calls this feeling resistance. He explains that when we are close to completing something great, resistance will always pop up. Resistance distracts us, makes us think the job is harder than it is and makes the last part of any task the hardest. I know if I think back to the things I really am proud of, it took a lot of work at the end to get those things done. The hardest part was always crossing the finish line and the reason it is the hardest part is mostly mental. For whatever reason when we are almost finished we relax, we stop working as hard, we assume the last part will be easy and we get ourselves into trouble.

Here is a great system to help you set and achieve goals.

One great idea that will help you focus and make you more successful

The author suggests that simply acknowledging that we are running into resistance will greatly improve our lives. If we realize that resistance will come to us in almost everything we do, then we will realize resistance is something to push through and beat. Instead of lagging, finding other things to do and putting off finishing our tasks, we will push harder at the end to conquer the resistance and finish that task.

Here is a great coaching program that helps you focus.

How can you use the idea of resistance to be more successful?

I loved this book, because it helped me do so many things better. Whenever I get frustrated, feel like I hit a wall or get stuck in a rut, I think about resistance. I ask myself if I am really stuck, or is resistance causing me imaginary problems? I love using resistance to give me more motivation with almost everything in my life. Besides real estate related problems, I use resistance when I work out, with my personal life and even with toys I want. I like to lift weights and when I think about conquering the resistance I always lift more. So much of what we do is mental and you really see it when doing something physical like lifting. The idea of resistance has helped with many other tasks.

  • Blogging: When I get frustrated with the growth of my blog, I think about resistance and pushing through the down times.
  • Dealing with 10 fix and flips at one time: Contractors have caused me plenty of headaches and pushing through to hire more has been something that will help my business going forward.
  • Dealing with twin 3 year-olds: I don’t have to explain that one.
  • Taking over a business: There have been many roadblocks I have had to overcome taking over the business from my father.
  • Running a team of ten: They don’t run themselves and no matter how much help I hire, I still have to make sure they are doing the right things

Why I created my own personal slogan

After reading the book, I kept thinking to myself “conquer the resistance”! I said it enough that I decided it should be my own personal slogan. I actually wanted it plastered on my home office wall, which my wife did as a present! Now when I work on things in my office, I see the slogan and it reminds me that I can get through anything.

To learn how to use mindset and attitude to make yourself more successful, check out: How to Change Your Mindset to Achieve Huge Success: Why your attitude and daily habits have more to do with making more money and having more freedom than anything else. A 200 page book available as an eBook or paperback on Amazon.


Once I started pushing harder at the end of a project or a task things got much easier in life. Those tasks that were hanging over my head were now completed, and I did not have to think about them anymore. Instead of having ten different things half done, I had a couple of things I was working on and I made sure tasks that should have been done, were done. Check out my article on being more successful in life for more tips on simple ways to make things better. 

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