2013 Has Been a Great Year so Far

2013 has been a great year so far! I have been through more changes and had more opportunities presented to me than at any time in my life. Last year was a great year, but that was more about improvements to current business practices.

2013 has been all about new ventures and techniques in real estate and otherwise. The new ventures include starting a blog, new marketing techniques to buy and list homes, new personal techniques to create wealth and happiness and new methods to improve my current business through outlets like investor forums and investor groups.

Why I Started a real estate blog

I never planned or even thought about starting blog until early this year. I had an idea about a website to help people find portfolio lenders and my friend suggested I write a blog instead. I jumped right in and  began writing articles at a feverish pace with tons of typos and horrible grammar. I was able to put a lot of content up, but I was pretty horrified when I re-read my articles and realized how poorly written they were. I took on the tedious task of rewriting all of my articles and making them more presentable. If you happen to see any typos I missed please let me know! I tend to concentrate on the big picture and forget about the details sometimes.

My blog was focused on portfolio lending in the beginning, but has evolved into many different topics on real estate with a small dose on personal improvement. I am always thinking of new ideas for articles, and if anyone has any brilliant ideas please let me know. I try to write about what people are interested in, but I also have a backlog of 20 article ideas that I need to write on. If you suggest something and I don’t get to it right away, it doesn’t mean I am not thinking about it. I simply don’t have time to write on everything I want to right away.

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Writing a blog has been a wonderful experience. I have always liked writing and this gives me a perfect outlet to write about something I know, and something that others appear to be interested in as well. Blogging has really helped my business as well. I would have never found other real estate investor websites if it were not for blogging or discovered new ways to market to sellers. I discuss in detail how blogging has helped me in this article. I also would not have written out and planned my goal to purchase 100 rental properties if I didn’t have this blog.

New marketing techniques for real estate

In my previous ten years of real estate investing, I had depended almost solely on the MLS and foreclosure sales to buy properties. Thanks to my blog, I started doing a lot more research on investing and I found other blogs, which have an enormous amount of information on investing in real estate. Here are some of the new techniques I have discovered that will help my flipping and long-term rental business.

  • Direct marketing: This involves sending letters, postcards or somehow contacting homeowners who don’t have their home actively listed. I have started sending out letters and actually had a great response although I have not had any actual listings or buys yet.
  • Wholesalers: Wholesalers try to get great deals under contract either through direct marketing or other means and then sell the home for a small profit to another party. They usually do not fix up the homes and they are looking to sell them quick to cash investors. I have met many wholesalers through investor meet ups and had some leads so far.
  • Investor meet ups: These groups have provided a ton of great information from investors and local experts. I have also met many wholesalers at local investor meet ups. The meetings have also provided a great way for me to provide HUD training. As a HUD listing broker I have to teach a class every month and it can be difficult finding an audience.

Personal improvement

A year ago if you had asked me what I thought about self-help gurus I would have said not for me, I don’t need it. Over the last 6 months I have completely changed my outlook. I happened to listen to a radio advertisement about becoming wealthy at the end of 2012. I became intrigued by the ad and wrote down the number and ended up with a free cd. The cd came and convinced me to sign up for another free cd course. That course was by Kevin Trudeau and called “Your Wish is Your Command.”

The CD set taught me something I had never heard before. That our attitudes have a great deal of influence over our success. It is not outside factors that determine how wealthy or successful we are, but what we make of our lives. The CDs also teach how important it is to be positive all the time and that goals are extremely important in one’s life. My honest opinion is that this is a great CD set, but after researching Kevin I would not buy anything from him. I still listen to Kevin’s CDs and they provide great motivation for me to be positive. I also purchased CDs from Jack Canfield, Harv Ecker, John Assaraf and others. I have read books by Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar and many others. I have learned to be as positive as possible and to set goals that challenge me. The discovery of this world has made a huge impact on my life and helped me to relax, be happier, not worry about things  and get more done.

Why I took personal coaching

I decided to do Jack Canfield personal coaching this year as well. It was expensive, but made me accountable and stick to my plans. I knew if I tried to work through all the CDs and books by myself, I would lose track of my goals and start to slack off. Coaching has been great and well worth the money. I talk to my coach once a week and have homework assignments every week. Coaching has improved my delegating, time management, priorities, conquering fear and asking for things.  It really has changed my life.

I drove a Lamborghini!

I just wrote another article about this right here. Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo for about 25 miles through the foothills. What an awesome experience, I highly recommend it!

We are buying a new personal residence

I love the house we have now, but we have decided to move. We bought our current house at the foreclosure sale in 2009 by borrowing money from my sister and father in law. It has been a great investment and a wonderful house. It is a ranch style home with a walk out basement and we have been trying to figure out to put a loft in the house for months. It has super high-pitched roof with 16 feet of space from the ceiling of the main floor to the top of the roof. We thought for sure there would be a way to make a loft that overlooked the living room, and we also wanted a deck that peaked over our neighbors house with a view of the mountains. Unfortunately, two engineers and two contractors later we found out they would have to rebuild the roof and it would be way too expensive.

Funny thing happened when I was at a conference last month. My wife made a wrong turn and found an amazing house that was for sale. I had been keeping an eye out for the perfect house in MLS, but I wasn’t looking in this price range because it seemed a little crazy. The house has a five car garage, which means I don’t have to keep one of my cars at my sisters  garage five miles away. It has everything else we want including a loft! After looking at the numbers, I realized we could afford it and we could still invest plenty of money in real estate. We close July 18th and we will be much better off financially than if we would have spent cash on the loft.

Tangible results in 2013

A quick breakdown on what I have accomplished business wise. I don’t want to sound like I am bragging, but I like to write down what I have accomplished because it makes me more positive and helps me plan for the future. Here is what I have done in the start of 2013 business wise, I am not quite on pace to reach my 2013 goals, but there is a lot of time left!

  • I bought two rental houses, fixed those up and fixed up a rental I bought in late 2012. They are all rented except for one and it should be ready soon.
  • We have sold four fix and flips and have another set to close this month. We also have four more flips that we are working on and hope to have on the market soon.
  • I sold 67 houses, most of which were HUD homes and I have 34 on the market or under contract and another 10 in the pipeline.


Things have been going fantastic, and I am looking forward to a great second half of 2013. I am going to have to really improve things to meet my aggressive goals in business, but I think I can do it!


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