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Last Updated on February 18, 2022 by Mark Ferguson

I have a lot going on, and I have tried to capture most of it on YouTube. We complete from 20 to 30 house flips a year, and we film before and after videos on all of those properties. I have also bought 25 rentals and made videos of almost all of them. I also have videos that give advice on real estate investing, buying houses, being a real estate, agent, financing, and much more. My YouTube Real Estate Channel has more than 50,000 subscribers, so at least a few people seem to like what we do. Over the years, we have had some amazing videos that have not done well at all while some really stupid videos do great. Here is the list of my top ten videos based on views over the last five years.

1. The craziest house I have ever seen: 747k views

This was one of the first videos I posted on YouTube. You will have to excuse the quality! It was filmed years ago. This was an 8,000-square-foot house from the 1970s that was so weird and made no sense. There was no access to the garage, there were no closets, the house was trashed, it had a giant hill built around it, and there was a giant cliff off the back of it.

2. How much does it cost to fix up a house? 526k views

This was a video I did on one of my flips that went through the cost of common repairs on houses. I talk about how much everything costs from paint, flooring, roof, baths, kitchens, drywall, and more. This video has some great information in it, but prices have increased recently.

3. Somoene moved a camper into my backyard: 419k views

This was one of the least-useful videos I have ever posted. I was working on a house flip that was vacant, and someone dropped off a camper in the backyard. I did not know if someone was living there or if it was a meth lab, but I knew I did not want it there, and we had a hard time getting rid of it. The city would not take it since it was on private property, and the towing companies did not want to touch it because it was a camper.

4. Rental property 8 trashed by tenants: 314k views

The tenants on this property had rented from me before but wanted to downsize. Something must have happened in their life because they stopped paying rent and destroyed this house. They had not lived there long, and they may have done a lot of the damage on purpose.

5. House flip bought sight unseen from the foreclosure sale: 257k views

I bought this house from the foreclosure sale without seeing the inside. This house was nasty, and the guy who lived there had not cleaned for years, maybe decades. We got him out, cleaned the house up, fixed it up, and did pretty well on it.

6. Update on the camper left in my backyard: 205K views

The camper disappeared (wink, wink)! We found out who the owners were, and they said they would come to get the camper, so eventually it did go away.

7. Before-and-after house flip with all the numbers: 178k views

This was one of the first before-and-after videos I did. I came up with this idea because I hate house-flipping shows, and I wanted to create something more realistic. I combined my before-and-after videos and added all the numbers to show what we really made on the flip.

8. 1918 house flip restoration: 166k views

This was a really cool house that we flipped. It had original wood trim and pocket doors, and we decided to restore it instead of just fix it up. I think it came out great, but we did not make much money on it.

9. Rental property #10 after tenant eviction and bed bugs: 161k views

This rental was also abused very badly by the tenants. A lot of people think that all my rentals have problems because the videos that do the best are the horror stories. When I post good videos about rentals, they are just not as dramatic and don’t get the attention. When I ran the numbers, about 8% of my tenants have some kind of issues. It is very rare that we ever have to evict anyone. This tenant had bed bugs multiple times and we treated them, but they kept getting them. Eventually, they stopped paying rent, so we had to evict them.

10. Hoarder house before and after with all the numbers: 143k views

This was a nasty house that had so many problems. We bought it from a wholesaler, and it was supposed to be vacant at closing. However, the tenants had not moved out, but the wholesaler promised they were moving out that day and the Uhaul truck just had one more trip. Ha! It turns out the tenants did move out but left their dogs in the house with all their stuff. We had to evict them, and when we finally got possession of the house 6 weeks later it was disgusting. There was even a dead and decomposing snake in the home!


I hope you liked these videos. I may make a post on my best videos at some point as well. You can find all my videos on my YouTube Channel, and we add two to three new videos a week. Be sure to subscribe to get updates on when we post, and we love seeing comments! I try to reply to everyone who is not calling me an idiot for not moving the camper into the street.

If you want more interesting videos, check out my Halloween special on the scariest house flips we have ever bought:

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