Is Zombie House Flipping Fake?


  • Anthony rusciano says:


  • Don Russell says:

    Thanks for calling them out on their crazy numbers. I thougjt I was the only one looking at how they leave major dollars out of the equation.
    These TV show flips are so unprofitable and down right stupid, its a damn shame that people even watch them. How many people buy a flip without doing their due diligence to see what the reality is of this process? Probably quite a few. And I bet they lose their ass.
    I have been buying fixers and foreclosures for years, and Im a licensed contractor. I know of what I speak as does Mr.. Ferguson.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      I know, it is sad and who knows how many people get into the business without having a clue what they are doing.

  • Great article! Thank youf for this. It’s been a while since I saw an article this informative

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      You are welcome

  • Tell the truth Mark! I’ve been a flipper & I’ve taught others how to flip. All these shows get on my last nerve. Most times it’s the network vs. the investors that don’t want to give accurate info. But then how would all these flippers like Than Merrill, Scott Yancey, etc. be able to go around the country & offer seminars on flipping to get your money? I met some guys that spent $25k on Than Merrill’s seminar & software which was nothing more than a Excel spreadsheet with great formulas built in.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      I know. I have been approached a few times for shows and they are pretty clear the network want to make it look glamorous. I am pretty clear that I won’t fake anything

  • Thank you for pulling back the curtain on the bs on TV house flip shows. Your insight amd experience apeak for themselves and your candor is much appreciated. You leave no room for the emotionally misguided person that thinks this business is a “good idea” or get rich quick deal. There is money to be made but you have to live in the reality that the numbers reveal to you and make decisions based on the possible risks involved. Thank you Mark. You are the best sir. I’ve every intention to purchase your blueprint but can’t right now as all my cash is wrapped up in 2 flips (novice move, I know). Thanks again

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Thank you!

  • Thank you for a great and honest article. It’s sad that most of TV viewers are fooled into thinking that flipping or even remodeling a house is glamorous. The outcome may be beautiful, but it’s the homework (due diligence) and hard work that pays off.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Very true