New Webinar! Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

A couple weeks ago I had my first live webinar, which was all about investing in rental properties. It was a huge success with hundreds of people signing up and taking part. Next week on Wednesday the 18th I am going to do another live webinar for anyone interested in becoming a successful real estate agent. You can sign up for the webinar here. The webinar will be about how to get started in the business, how be successful in the business and if you can really make decent money as a real estate agent.

Why are webinars a good way to learn?

I have a lot of articles on the site about becoming a successful real estate agent. However, reading 20 articles in a row can take a lot of time and be tedious for some people. That is why I started my podcast and why I am doing a few webinars now. A webinar brings everything together at one time to provide the whole picture on what it takes to be a successful agent. Plus some people learn better by watching videos or by Listening, not by reading.

What will be covered in this live real estate webinar?

It is tough to cram everything an agent needs to know into one webinar. But I will do my best to teach you as much as I possible can. We will cover:

  • What to do when first starting out including finding the right broker and how to get new clients
  • How to build a business that is valuable and can run without you
  • What the best sources for leads are and if Zillow and other online lead sources are worth while
  • Why being an agent can help your real estate investing
  • Why an agent’s database is so important and will bring you leads over and over and over

Can real estate agents really make a good living?

People ask me all the time if real estate agents can make a lot of money or even survive. I think many of us hear stories about people who become agents with high hopes and don’t last very long in the business. The facts are most people do not last very long in the business. While most people do not last long in the business that does not mean you cannot make money as a real estate agent and you cannot make a lot of money as a real estate agent.

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First off, if it was easy for everyone to become and agent and make a ton of money, everyone would be an agent! It is the same with real estate investing. If everyone could buy any house off the MLS and make a ton of money on it, everyone would be an investor. It is a good thing that it is not easy to succeed, because that means those of us that are successful can make a lot more money.

There are a couple reasons most real estate agents do not make very much money.

Here is a great article on how much real estate agents make and how you can be one of the agents that makes a lot of money.

When is the webinar and how do you sign up?

You can view the replay of this here:

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