Do Real Estate Classes Teach you How to Sell Houses?

Anyone who wants to become a real estate agent will have to take some form of education before they can get their license. Most states require hours and hours of classes plus a potential real estate agent must pass a test. Many people assume the real estate classes teach you how to sell houses, since that is the main goal of most agents. However, the education will not teach you much about selling, but more about the laws and regulations. If you want to become an agent, do not depend on the real estate classes to teach you how to sell houses.

What is the process to become a real estate agent?

There are different requirements in every state for getting a real estate license. You can find the basic requirements for each state in this article. Some states require a degree, but most require a specialized education for real estate. In Colorado you need 160 hours and in other states you need less than 40 hours of education. After completing the classes you usually need to pass an exam, then possibly pass a background test and meet other requirements before you can apply for your license.

You also have to work under a broker before you can apply for your license. A broker oversees agents and takes responsibility for their actions. After working under a broker for a certain amount of time, real estate agents can then become a broker and start their own office or work for themselves. You would think this process would groom most people to be successful agents and teach them to sell houses, but that is rarely the case.

Here is a great article that explains in more detail why agents have to work under a broker.

Why don’t real estate agents learn how to sell houses in real estate school?

Real estate agents want to learn how to sell houses and how to make money. That is the point of most careers. However the real estate regulatory agencies are more concerned with agents not breaking the law than they are how much money they make. The real estate education system was put in place to protect the consumers and make sure real estate agents are abiding by the rules and regulations.

The real estate classes consist of learning the laws and how to avoid getting yourself in trouble. There is education on contracts, appraisals, earnest money and how to handle the transaction, but not on how to actually get buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Express is a great online school if you are interested in getting your license.

Why don’t real estate agents learn how to sell houses when they work under a broker?

Many real estate agents learn how to sell houses when they work with the right broker, but many agents do not pick the right broker. There are huge differences in brokerages and how much they charge agents. Many new agents look at how much money they are being charged, or what percentage of their commission they are keeping when choosing a broker. The most important thing to consider when choosing a broker is how they can help you sell houses.

The brokers that charge the least to their agents usually offer the least amount of training and guidance. If you are an experienced agent who knows how to generate leads, maintain a database, market and create your own business than maybe the least expensive brokers will work for you. But, if you are new and don’t know how to sell houses you need as much guidance as possible. Keeping a higher percentage of your commission if you don’t sell any houses, does you no good. The best brokers will not only offer training and guidance, but leads through floor time, advertising and other sources.

Here is an article on how to choose the perfect broker.

What can a new agent do to make sure they learn how to sell houses as quickly as possible?

There are many things a new agent can do, but here are the most important steps for any new agent.

  • When taking real estate classes try to take classes in person so you can start networking asap.
  • Start networking and reaching out to your circle of influence even before you get your license.
  • Choose the broker with the best training and lead sources, not the highest commission split.
  • Be willing to spend money on training programs. There are many out there including my own Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System. These programs will teach you the best way to get leads, maintain a database, build income funnels and much more.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to successful agents in your office or area and ask them for any advice and or tips.
  • Talk to as many people as you can and don’t be afraid to look like an idiot at first. You have to learn at some point and the sooner you learn the better. The best way to learn how to talk to buyers and sellers is to do it. Many agents get stuck in their office researching lead sources, or taking as many classes as they can, instead of trying to meet people and sell houses.


If you want to be a real estate agent do not depend on real estate classes to teach you how to sell houses. They are meant to teach you how to abide by the rules and regulations, not how to make money. The sooner you have a plan, a great broker to work with and start talking to people the better off you will be!


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