Five Advertising Tips for New Real Estate Agents

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Five Advertising Tips for New Real Estate AgentsThis post is provided by Real Estate Calendars, a family owned business that was founded in 1987. They offer printing and promotional products to help real estate agents promote themselves and build their business. My real estate team sends out Colorado Rockies and Denver Bronco schedules to our entire database every year. Nothing beats having your name plastered on someones refrigerator!

For new real estate agents there is a long list of marketing and advertising tactics that take all sorts of forms. Some are great while others can turn out to be pitfalls and a waste of money that don’t fit your business model. To avoid these pitfalls, here are five fail-proof advertising techniques sure to help you grow your business:

1. Get your past real estate clients to refer business to you

Don’t be cheap when it comes to your referral program. Your past clients are the most effective pieces of advertisement, yet many agents ignore them. We see businesses trying to mimic this in television commercials all the time: happy customers promoting services or businesses right after making their purchase. But there is just something missing in those commercials, and that is the flare of sincerity found in a personal referral. Friends and family members share a level of trust that you can’t mimic and is priceless.

If you spend money or time on anything, it should be on your past clients to remind them how good of a job you did and that you are to help them or their friends at any time. Send birthday cards, email recipes, invite them to company happy hours.

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2. Have a great online real estate presence

Before anyone makes a big decision, especially real estate decisions, they go online and research. They familiarize themselves with the market, see who fits their mold, and form opinions of potential real estate agents they’d prefer using. More often than not these days, future home owners are developing first impressions before they even meet with you, and in some cases, have already made up their minds through what they found online.

So make a killer Facebook page, create a professional email signature, invest in pay-per-click ads, and create press releases, market news, blogs articles, and twitter activity. You can make your business shine by participating in these types of advertisement and marketing tactics. At a minimum you must have a professional web page so that people who search for you online can find your site and see that you take your job seriously.

3. The more involved you are with your community, the better real estate agent you will be

Coach youth sports, hang flyers door to door, contribute to the local paper, join the school board, join the chamber of commerce, whatever you can find, you should be a part of. When you’re out in your community you expose yourself to meet and greet opportunities. You can also wear your business when you’re out and about. Another great reason to be active in your community, is it provides more opportunities to meet other business owners whom you can promote, and who can promote you. And at the very least, everybody appreciates a person willing to volunteer their time for the community, and you’d be surprised how much business comes your way just for being a good person.

Here is a great article on how getting out of your comfort zone will make you more successful.

4. Host Seminars or local classes to teach people about real estate

Lots of people are just plain afraid of real estate agents. They want to do things on their own and don’t realize there is a lot that goes into selling and buying real estate. Holding seminars not only exposes you to the general public with a formal introduction, but it gives you an opportunity to meet people interested in buying or selling. It’s a subtle and less intrusive advertising tactic that can also be beneficial to potential clients. Maybe those who attend don’t use your services, but they can take you information and giveaways with them and pass it on to someone who might.

You can partner with lenders, title companies or local businesses to teach people about real estate. Some seminar ideas include HUD homes, first time home buyers or investing.

5. Burn through your marketing materials to make sure you get the most exposure

There is no such thing as too much when it comes to marketing. Print thousands of business cards and hand them out at every opportunity; bring them to every event; get them in local businesses; and put them in your direct mailing campaigns, whatever is clever. Anything and everything you do should have a business card attached to it. Also, get blank business cards and keep them on you at all times, because how many times do you meet a potential client and they don’t have their business card on them?

Some agents even like to print on pizza boxes, which isn’t a bad idea, but here’s a better one. Everyone throws a pizza box away, so make sure your advertisements have a lasting quality. Fridge magnets are a great and subtle advertisement tool that people use on a regular basis. They can be attached with a little adhesive to any pizza box, flyer, letter, or handout. People usually slap them on their fridge, and just like that, your face and contact information is seen every day.

Even better, slap on a popular baseball teams schedule with your business information at the top, and that fridge magnet is being referenced and utilized more often than ever. Potential clients will be looking to see the date of their favorite team’s next game, and your business is being promoted in a fun and appreciated fashion.


It takes a lot of work to market yourself as an agent, but once you have established yourself and people start to recognize you, the referrals will start flowing in. Focus on your circle of influence first, but don’t be afraid to market to your neighborhood, any organizations you belong to or local businesses.

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