Why Real Estate Agents Should Complete Continuing Education Online

Getting a real estate license takes a lot of education depending on your state’s requirements. Once you complete your initial education and get your license, you are not done with real estate classes. You have to take continuing education classes to make sure you keep up on changing laws and rules. In Colorado you have to take 168 credit hours of classes before you can take the real estate exam and then 24 hours of continuing education classes (CE classes) every three years. For most people, the difficult part is getting their license, not the continuing education, but you have to make sure you take your CE classes to stay compliant.

Here is a great article on how hard it is to get your real estate license.

How much work is it to take continuing education courses?

Continuing education takes some work, but it is not very difficult. Many classes are about four hours and that means you have to take two classes a year in Colorado to satisfy the requirements. It amazes me, but some real estate agents still manage to forget to take their classes. I am guilty of this myself, but I still always get my classes done when required; even if it is the last day possible. Most in person classes do take close to the four hours or two hours that they are supposed to be. I teach a HUD CE class that is worth two credits and it usually comes close to taking two hours.

There are usually no tests or very simple quizzes to take for the in person classes and simple quizzes for the online classes as well. Compared to the initial education requirements the CE classes are pretty easy to complete.

Is it better to take continuing education classes online or in person?

When taking the initial real estate courses for your license I think it is better to take classes in person. In person classes offer great networking opportunities and the ability to talk with and learn from an experienced teacher. The same can be said for continuing education classes, but I think it is less important to take CE classes in person. When you are taking CE classes you should already be meeting plenty of people and networking like crazy.

I take 90 percent of my CE classes online because it is so much easier and faster. I  also can take continuing education classes online on December 31st at 9 pm. It is a little harder to find an in person class at that time. I tend to take online classes pretty quickly; it takes me 30 minutes or less to take a four-hour online class. I go through the material, take a couple of exams and take the final test and my CE credits are done.

If you are looking for a great online real estate school, Real Estate Express also offers continuing education classes for all 50 states.

Is it more expensive to take CE classes online?

CE classes can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 depending on the length of the course and the material. Many in person classes are free and some have fees that are in the same range as in person classes. To me it is worth saving a couple of hours to take a class online than to take one in person.  I also love that the online classes will save all my CE certificates to prove I have taken my classes. In Colorado no one checks to see if you have taken your continuing education classes unless you are audited by the real estate commission. It is up to the real estate agent to keep all of their certificates to prove they took their classes.


Taking continuing education classes is not difficult, but you have to make sure you complete them. The state regulatory agency can fine real estate agents or suspend their license if they do not complete the classes. I think online is the way to go because of the time it saves, even if they are a little more expensive. If you don’t have your real estate license here is a great article on the requirements to get your real estate license in all 50 states.

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