To be a Successful Real Estate Agent you Must be an Entrepreneur

People are attracted to becoming a real estate agent because of the freedom and income you can make from real estate. I have been an agent since 2001 and I love being a real estate agent. I know real estate has been better to me than any corporate job could have been. In order to be a successful real estate agent you have to act like an entrepreneur, because you are running a business. The freedom of real estate is fantastic, but that freedom also means you have to motivate yourself and make yourself successful. This may be scary to many people who are used to a boss telling them what to do, but having control of your own destiny is a great feeling and a great opportunity if you embrace it.

Why Becoming a real estate agent is a great way to become an entrepreneur

One of the great things about being a real estate agent is you run your own business, but without all the responsibility of owning a business. In every state you must work under a broker when you first become a real estate agent. That broker has the responsibility of providing staff, choosing a location, buying supplies and many other things that a business owner must do. Agents under that broker have the responsibility to find business and close deals, but they don’t have to worry about running the office.

Why can’t you treat being a real estate agent as a regular job?

Most jobs give you tasks you must complete and pay employees by the hour or a salary. Do what you are asked to do and you will probably keep your job, go above and beyond and you might get a promotion. As a real estate agent, there is no one to tell you what to do every day (depending on your office and broker). You may get some oversight and direction, but it is up to you to make sure you do the work. If you don’t push yourself to do the work and do the right type of work, it will be very hard to be successful as an agent.

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Doing the right type of work is very important as a real estate agent

One of the most difficult things to do as a real estate agent is to make yourself do the right work, not just any work. There are many things you can do as an agent; education, direct mailing, phone calls, reaching out to your friends and family and much more. Many real estate agents get caught up doing the easy things in their job. They plan, take classes and constantly prepare, but they don’t do the part of the job that makes money; getting business. The most important part of being a real estate agent is telling everyone you are a real estate agent and going after clients that do not know who you are. You must make sure you are doing everything you can to get business and not just prepare to get business.

Your own plan will make you more successful than someone else’s as a real estate agent

To make yourself a successful real estate agent, you have to have goals and a plan. I have many goals and many plans that I am constantly reviewing and changing. Those goals and plans remind me what I am going after, what my end game is and why I am doing the difficult work that isn’t always fun.

One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is you have to create your own plan. When you create your own plan you have a better chance to be successful, because it is yours and you made it. Following someone else’s plan, which many of us do when we work for someone else is not motivating. Plus we may not even know the entire plan, just our little part in it. By creating our own plan, we take control, we can see the entire plan and know if we screw up it is only our fault!

Building a team and a business as a real estate agent

Earlier I discussed why it is great to become an entrepreneur as a real estate agent. You don’t have to manage everything like the broker or office owner does. That does not mean you can’t take more control and make more money as you become more experienced.

When you become successful as a real estate agent, you can think about creating a team. You don’t have to start your own office to have your own team as most brokers allow teams in their office. A team allows you to delegate tasks you do not like and to make money off other agents. The sooner you build a team, the sooner you will make more money and have more time.

Once you have mastered running a team, you can start your own office and take complete control. The beauty of being a real estate agent is you can slowly acclimate to the entrepreneurial world without jumping in with your eyes closed.


Being a real estate agent is a fantastic business and opportunity for those who are willing to work hard and treat it as a business. If you want a steady income and clear tasks presented to you every day, real estate may not be for you. If you want to make a lot of money and have a lot of free time, real estate provides a great opportunity.

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