How to Make it Big in Real Estate

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How to Make it Big in Real Estate is my latest Kindle book, which is now available on Amazon and as a PDF on Invest Four More! This book is longer than my other eBooks, gives a lot of great information on how I have become successful as a real estate agent and many other ways on how to make it big in real estate. I think becoming a real estate agent is a fantastic way to make great money, have a flexible schedule and create a business that can run by itself. Many people think agents spend all their time running around showing houses, sitting at open houses and searching for clients. You don’t have to do any of those things to be successful. This book will help anyone who is thinking of becoming an agent, who is just starting out as an agent or who is a veteran looking to expand or improve their business.

What to expect starting out as a real estate agent

I think many people have misconceptions about what a real estate agent does, how they get paid and what is required of an agent after they get their license. This book clears up exactly how the process of becoming an agent works, what agents have to do to become licensed and what they have to do to keep up their license.

The benefits of becoming a real estate agent

The book also explains how much money agents can make, why investors should become real estate agents and the different ways to make money as an agent.

How to make money as a real estate agent

This is the most important section of the book and goes into detail on how to make money as a real estate agent. I discuss different ways to generate leads, how to maintain past and current clients, how to farm neighborhoods and what I think are the most profitable ways to spend your time and marketing money as an agent.

What is included in How to Make it Big in Real Estate

I have many sections in the book that cover a lot of information! I have listed some, but not all the topics covered in the book below.

1.  Why you should become a real estate agent if you are investing in real estate 

2.  How to make money as a real estate agent 

3.  How much money real estate agents make 

4.  How hard is it to become a real estate agent? 

5.  Do real estate agents have to work under a broker? 

6.  How to increase income as a real estate agent 

7.  How to get started as a real estate agent 

8.  What does a REO agent do? 

9.  How to run your business better by hiring help and delegating tasks

10.  How real estate conferences improve business  

Building a business with real estate

I think the key to wealth is building passive income that comes in every month without doing much work yourself. I believe rental properties are a great way to build passive income, but starting a business that runs itself is another way to build passive income. When you are a real estate agent, you work for yourself and you must plan your own schedule, motivate yourself and have a great work ethic. The great part about being an agent is you are in control of yourself and how hard you work. That means you are making money for yourself and not someone else who hired you at an hourly rate or salary. The harder you work, the more you plan and the more efficient you are, the more money you can make. By being a real estate agent, you are running your own business. You keep track of expenses, income, and the best part; profit. The key to building a passive income business is not doing all the work yourself. I have 8 people on my team and we sell hundreds of homes a year. I do very little of the work myself, because I hire people to take care of the things I don’t want to do. That leaves me time to pursue things like writing for my blog, looking for rental or fix and flip houses or taking time off. If you set your business up right, the money still comes in without you having to personally work for it all. This book will also explain how to set up your business and hire great people.


If you have ever wanted to be a real estate agent, are just starting out as an agent or have been an agent for years; this book will help you improve your business. I am a strong believer in education and constantly learning; reading books is one of the best ways to educate yourself. How to Make it Big in Real Estate is available on Amazon and remember you don’t have to have a Kindle to read it.  There are many free apps for phones, tablets and PCs or you can download the PDF hereDon’t forget to check out my other books I have published and my complete guide to investing in long-term rental properties.

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