How to make a lot of money: learn about money!

Many people want to be rich or make a lot of money. However, most of those people will never do any research on how to make money or how money works. If you want to make a lot of money you need to learn about money! You can’t just hope and pray that someday a lot of money happens to fall in your lap. A lot of people also make a good income but have nothing to show for it. Being rich or wealthy is not just about making money but learning how to keep it and invest it as well.

Do you know much about money?

Most people think they know about money and we all know a little bit about money but very few of us know a lot about money. Very few of us study money. I have a business finance degree and even with that degree I did not learn that much about money. I learned the basics about economics and inflation, and investing, but it was all pretty basic stuff even with a four-year degree in finance.

There are people who have much more education in the finance world than me and you may ask why should you listen to me? Not only do I have some education in finance but I have started, run, and bought multiple businesses in the real world and been fairly successful. Even with higher education, you miss a lot of the real-world education needed to fully understand money. I still don’t know everything but I have learned a lot over the years and like to teach others.

What are the bare necessities you should know about money?

There are so many things to know about money. I am not sure anyone could ever learn it all. Not only are there the basics of money but there are new concepts appearing all the time like crypto. If someone did learn it all it would not take long for something new to pop that they would have to learn as well. My point here is not to overwhelm you but to let you know you don’t have to know everything and don’t get overwhelmed with how many different topics about money there are.

If you learn one thing new, you are better off than you were before. We can all benefit from learning and you don’t need to know everything.

Here are some topics that everyone should know about:

  • Interest: Interest rates you are charged and how to make money with interest as well
  • Budgets: What are you spending your money on
  • Income: How to make money with a career, side gigs, businesses, etc
  • Inflation: How it impacts you and how to use it to your advantage
  • Leverage: How using loans can increase your returns
  • Debt: How using the right debt can make you money while the wrong debt can be very dangerous
  • Investing: Many people make a lot of money each year but have nothing to show for it, learning to invest is just as important as making money.
  • Cars, housing, material goods: Buying a house is usually the best choice and most people need a car but what kind of cars or houses should you buy and when?
  • Education: Many people assume college is the best route but it may not be the route everyone should or wants to take. Education can be very expensive and crippling financially.

These are a few of the topics everyone should know about but there are even more depending on what you want to do and what your goals are. It is not easy to learn about money and it is not easy to make a lot of it and invest it so that you grow it.

Who should you learn about money from?

The tough part about learning the ins and outs of money is there is so much information out there. There are many paths and everyone claims theirs is the right way. I will start by saying there is no best way or right way for everyone. We all have different goals and work in different manners. There are people that tell you all debt is bad and even that credit scores are not needed. This strategy may work for some people, but it is a horrible strategy for others.

Using debt on real estate made me many millions of dollars. If I had paid cash for everything there is no way I would be where I am today. Debt can also get people into a lot of trouble if they do not have the discipline to handle it. I also love exotic cars and needed to find ways to make a lot of money to fulfill my dreams. Others may have much different dreams that don’t need any money at all.

I think if you are looking to learn about money, try to learn from those who resonate with you the best. Don’t choose someone because other people are or they advertise the most. Search out people who teach about money, learn how they made their money, and if that is similar to what you want to do, see what you can learn from them. I also see a lot of people out there giving money advice who never did what they teach and make almost all of their money from giving that advice that they never lived.

How should you learn about money?

You can learn about money through many different sources:

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Movies
  • Friends/Family
  • Courses./seminars

I have learned about money through all of these sources. I have read many books, some good and some bad but I always try to take away at least one thing from each book I read. I have read many articles on money (and written them as well). The problem with articles and videos is anyone can write them or create them who may know what they are talking about or have no clue. I love watching movies about money and success and seeing what the characters do. Again, this must be taken with a grain of salt because they are mostly fiction. Friends and family have given me a lot of advice as well but not all of it was good advice. I have also taken courses, paid for masterminds, and attended seminars to learn about money and real estate. I have even spoken at a few as well. These can be a great source of education but you must also be careful as seminars can lead to massively expensive courses with little information.

We all like to learn in different ways and I would start with the medium that works best for you but don’t be lazy and pick the easiest one. I think it is also important to find the people who resonate the best with you. If they don’t offer the medium you prefer you might have to bite the bullet and get out of your comfort zone.

Do you want to learn from me?

I may or may not be the person you want to learn about money from. If you are super conservative and just want a paid-off house, there may be other people who fit the bill better. If you are looking to make some big jumps in your finances as far as investing and earning I may be able to help you out. Nothing is guaranteed and there is no get-rich-quick scheme but there are ways to speed things up. I have used them personally and I continue to use them to this day as I am an active real estate investor with multiple businesses. I have written 10 books, most on real estate but I have one on money and mindset.

How to Change Your Mindset to Achieve Huge Success: Why your attitude and daily habits have more to do with making more money and having more freedom than anything else.

I also created an affordable, in-depth course about money as well which includes all the subjects I listed above and then some. Don’t worry, it is not thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars. I made it affordable because I think everyone should know about money.

InvestFoureMore Money Mastery (just $49)

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