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In school, we are taught a lot of things like algebra, history, geography, writing, reading, and even physical activities. However, we are taught almost nothing about how money really works!

Mark Ferguson's Money Mastery will teach you how to create real wealth while still enjoying life.

11 core modules with videos and actions

Library of supplemental, deep-dive material

Are You Playing The Right Game?

In school, we are taught a lot of things like algebra, history, geography, writing, reading, and even physical activities. However, we are taught almost nothing about money! We are taught the very basics, such as counting money and how interest works, but almost nothing on taxes, mortgages, inflation, investing, or saving.

We are left to figure out these things on our own or hopefully have someone who will teach us these things outside of school. Most people who are teaching us were never taught anything about money either!

If you want to have a lot of money you need to learn everything you can about money! School is not going to teach you so how do you learn about it?

You can learn through trial and error like most of us do, but even then, we aren't learning everything because we simply can't try every strategy there is. You must seek outside help to learn how to save, how to invest, how to earn, and how to use your money wisely.

I have done well in life after starting out a little slow. It took me a while to learn how to earn as much as I could, how to save some of that earnings, and how to invest it. Once I learned a few key things about money, things just clicked. I was able to enjoy life and reduce my stress because I understood how money worked and how to grow it.

You may be thinking, great...another "save until you die" program. Nope! I am about spending money and enjoying life as well.

I have a Lamborghini and other exotic cars, I am not one to live frugal forever! You do have to make some sacrifices while in the growth phase, but that doesn't last forever. I was able to thoroughly enjoy my 30s! Even when saving and growing, you do not have to sacrifice everything. You can still be smart with your money and have fun at the same time.

I tell people who follow me you have to know all you can about money. They ask me, "how do I learn?" I did not have a great answer, so I created the answer.

What You Will Learn

I created the InvestFourMore Money Mastery program to teach people about money. This program helps you learn the basics as well as some in-depth strategies to grow your wealth and enjoy life at the same time.

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Don’t skip the saving step! – Making more money won’t fix bad money habits.

Saving Money

The vast majority of people in the United States live paycheck-to-paycheck. I have seen stats from 60 to 80% of Americans rely on their paycheck to pay bills for the month. This is very alarming to me and many people.

Career Guidance

There are some who say you should work to make money and others who say you should do what you love. I am in the do what you love category.

Leveraging Money

Leverage can be a wonderful tool if used wisely and carefully! With leverage, you use other people's money to invest.

Spending Money

A lot of people are also on the frugal train and think that the best way to live life is to spend nothing except what is absolutely necessary. This is not who I am! I think it is important to live life and do what is important to you.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do. It gives you a path for where you want to go and the goals will help you create an action plan that you can follow.

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Car Advice

If you like expensive things, it is okay. There is nothing wrong with that and sometimes having expensive taste can be incredibly motivating. One of the biggest problems that come with expensive taste is people give up on those dreams because society or their friends or their family tells them their goals are dumb or unrealistic.


At some point, you will realize you hit a wall. There are only so many hours in the day and only so many things you can do to get ahead. That is where scaling comes in to play and learning how use others and your own time better.

Tons of BONUS Content!

Supplemental content is being added constantly. This deep-dive information will drill into detail about numerous money mastery topics.

Renting vs Buying

There is a huge push lately from gurus saying renting is better than buying. Most of the arguments make no sense and they leave out many of the positives of owning a home. I am not saying that buying is always the right choice but it can be an incredible way to build wealth, yes even when you are just starting out.

How to Get Started Now

It can seem overwhelming to implement any of the techniques or changes. Do not feel like a failure if you do not do everything in this program. The idea is to constantly improve. Consistent effort over time is so much more important.

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