House Flipping Before and After Pictures and Videos

I completed 26 house flips last year, and we have sold 19 this year. I have compiled many before-and-after videos of our house flips and many before-and-after pictures as well. I put this post together to show some of the better transformations on recent flips we have done. I will also try to tell a story or two about the properties. There always seems to be something that goes wrong or not quite as planned with the house flips.

Before-and-after pictures and video on restored a 1918 house flip

I just sold a flip last month that was more a labor of love than a good business decision. We made money on the property, but it took a lot of time and work to get the job done. You can see a few of the before pics below.

1918 house flip before the rehab






The house had some amazing mostly original wood trim that we saved. Most trim from houses this old gets painted white. It also had some great pocket doors and other features that we saved. You can see the after pictures below:

house flip after the remodel stairs


1918 house flip restored after






This house took a while to sell and go over all the numbers:

You can see the numbers on all of my flips with videos on this page: Mark Ferguson House Flipping Scoreboard.

House flip bought sight unseen where we had to fix the foundation twice (before and after video)!

I sold another flip a few months ago that I always called the yellow house. Nikki, my project manager, painted it a very bright color. It actually looked good, but you almost had to wear sunglasses to look at it! We had one contractor start on this house who specialized in concrete work and foundations. I bought this house without seeing it, and it was a mess! We made money on this one as well, but not much. The entire front of the house had no foundation. It was sitting on dirt. Our contractor worked with the engineer and replaced the foundation in front. We got the house fixed up and then found out part of the back of the house had no foundation either! The contractor we were using we had already fired for poor work on another job. There is no way he did not know there were problems with the back of the house as well. We even found the engineer’s report he gave us, and the engineer must have never looked at the house but just taken the contractor’s word for what needed to be fixed. We had to have another contractor come in to fix the foundation in the back.

Here are before pictures of this house flip:






Here are the after pictures of the yellow flip:






I actually made about $7,000 more on this house than the video says. I was wrong, and sold it for $215,000, not $207,900, which was the list price. You can see the full before-and-after video of this house below:

I have many articles on my blog about how to flip houses. Here is a good one to start with: How much money can you make with house flips?

House flip where we added part of the neighbor’s lot to our lot

I bought a house from a wholesaler a long time ago that we are still trying to sell. The house had a non-conforming lot because it was in the country and only had a half acre. We had to replace the septic, and the only way to do that was to buy part of the neighbor’s lot. We also had to buy a water tap from the water district as part of the process of adding the neighbor’s land. It was a crazy process that took a very long time, and the house was just completed last month.

Here are some of the before pictures:






Here are the after pictures:






You can see the before video on this one below:

You can see the after video below:

I also wrote a book on house flipping that you can find on Amazon: Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom.

Before-and-after pictures on an easy flip

We run into a lot of problems on our flips because that is the nature of the business. In order to get great deals on properties, you have to buy houses that have problems. It may seem like we have issues with every house, but that is what you have to do when fixing up properties. It is not an easy business to be in, and you have to like challenges. We also have house flips that need minimal work, and the process goes very smoothly. I thought I would show one of these properties. We bought this house from the MLS, and the process went rather well. We ran into a low appraisal issue, which cost us some money, but it was nothing we could not handle.

Below you can see the before pictures:

Below you can see the after pictures:

You can see the complete before and after video on this one with all the numbers below:

How to complete your first house flip.

Before-and-after pictures and videos on a really easy flip

I completed another flip this year that was really easy. It barely needed any work at all. We painted the house, did some minor repairs, and were able to sell it very quickly. I wish all the flips were this easy! The house was bought from a wholesaler…sort of. The wholesaler found the seller, but they could not come to an agreeable price. The wholesaler gave me the contact information for the seller, and we were able to get a deal done.

Here are some of the before pictures:






Here are some of the after pictures:

You can see the full before and after video below:

Before-and-after pictures and video on a house we barely fixed up

It is rare, but once in a while I sell a property without fixing it up or doing a minimal repair. I bought this house from a wholesaler, and it was not in bad shape. It needed a lot of updating, but it would qualify for FHA with some minimal repairs. I think we did a little exterior paint, refinished the flooring, and cleaned it up. It was full of stuff from the previous owners who were elderly and moved to assisted living.

Here are the before pictures:

Here are the after pictures:






You can see the before video below:

Here is the after video:

How can you see more before-and-after videos and pictures of my house flips?

I do not post every flip on the blog unless you go to my fix-and-flip scoreboard page. I do post a lot more pictures, updates, and videos on social media. You can see much more on:

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