What is a Broker?


A real estate broker negotiates with potential property buyers on your behalf.


When it comes to real estate, a broker is someone who represents the property sellers and negotiate with any prospective buyers. It is their duty to advertise the property as well as assess its current value in the market. They also give relevant information and general advice to clients so they may come up with sound decisions.


How to become a broker?

There are several steps that one has to follow before becoming a professional broker. It doesn’t happen overnight. There are pre-licensing courses that they have to take which are regulated by commissions and organisations for brokers.

Aspiring brokers apply for available agencies and start their training course. Different real estate brokerages handle various types of property. In the span of their training, they are mentored and taught about selling properties and interacting with clients.

Post-training, brokers need to join organisations, commissions, and other groups to reinforce their professional status. It is also a must for them to build a portfolio of previous sales, clients, and referrals. The more affiliations they have, the better.

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It takes time to become a broker and it takes money to complete the full training course.


How does the commission system work?

For years, it’s been pretty standard for real estate brokers to receive 6 percent commission though some new brokerages have been asking for only 2 percent, 1 percent, or even flat rates.

However, real estate commissions are always negotiable. Brokers sometimes agree to lower commissions if sellers are willing to help with marketing and showing the property.


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