How to Finance Real Estate Investments

rehab valuatorI started InvestFourMore to share my knowledge on financing investment property. Many banks tell investors they can’t finance more than four or more than ten properties. It is simply not true that there is a limit to how many properties you can finance. There may be banks that have their own limits, but there is no law that says an investor can only have 10 mortgages.

Great articles to get you started financing real estate

I believe financing rental properties and fix and flips gives you better returns than paying cash and allows you to do more deals. Here are some more great articles to help you learn about financing properties.


Should you pay cash for your investment property or get a loan?


How to finance more than four rental properties


How to finance more than ten rental properties


How to find a portfolio lender who will finance multiple properties


How to refinance rental properties with a cash out refinance


How to finance fix and flips


How to buy rental properties with hard money


How to Get Financing on Multiple Investment Properties eBook


I have written a detailed book on how to finance multiple rental properties. The book includes information on finding portfolio lenders, hard money, private money, conventional loans, and buying with little money down. Much of this information is in the blog, but the book is in an easy to read format and is over 100 pages long. The book is available at Amazon as an eBook or in the InvestFourMore store as a PDF for only $6.99.


How to Finance Multiple Properties eBook



More great articles from the blog on financing real estate investments


House flip before and after picture

How Hard Is It To Get a Loan on a House Flip?

I flipped 26 houses last year and over 155 in my career. There is no way I could flip that ...
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House flip before and after picture

What Is Creative Real Estate Investing?

I hear people use the term creative real estate investing all the time. Creative real estate investing can mean a lot ...
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Warren Buffet get rich by investing in stocks

Did Warren Buffet Get Rich by Investing in Stocks?

When I talk about investing in the stock market versus investing in real estate, I often hear that the stock ...
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apartment building syndication

How to Create a $400 Million Apartment Syndication Business from Scratch

Apartment syndication, which is the pooling of money from numerous investors that will be used to buy an apartment building, ...
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eaton house flip

Should You Buy a Flip or Rental as Your First Investment?

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about whether it is better to start your investing career with ...
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fix and flip broken pipe

How I Bought 11 House Flips in the Last 2 Months

One of my favorite things to do is flip houses. It can be stressful, costly, and risky, but it is ...
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my first rental

The Story of My First Rental Property

The year was 2008, and I had decided for sure that rental properties were how I was going to invest ...
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House Flip

Can You Make a Lot of Money with Rental Properties?

Rental properties have been an amazing investment for me, but it takes time to make money with them. I did ...
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house flip

How to Avoid a Private-Money Loan Scam

Private money is an incredible tool to use for real estate investing. There are many people looking for private money ...
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15 or 30 year mortgage

Is a 15-Year Loan Smarter than a 30-Year Loan?

There is a general assumption that a 15-year loan is smarter than a 30-year loan. The radio, television, and Facebook ...
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pay off mortgage

Is It Smart to Pay Off Your Mortgage?

A lot of people subscribe to the Dave Ramsey school of thought: pay off all debts, including your mortgage, and ...
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My personal house

Has My Personal House Been a Good Investment?

I bought my first house in 2003 when I was 23 years old. I was not very smart about buying ...
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manufactured home

What is the Difference Between a Manufactured, Mobile, and Modular Home?

I posted a video on one of my recently completed house flips last week that was a manufactured home. I ...
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commercial rental property

Commercial Rental Property 21: 68,000 Square Feet Bought for $2.1 Million

I set a goal to buy a 50,000-square-foot building in 2018, and I accomplished that goal last week. I bought ...
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How to protect yourself from a real estate crash

How to Protect Yourself If Housing Prices Drop

I flipped 26 houses last year, which was just short of my goal of 30. I also bought 4 rental ...
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my latest flip

How I Have Been Able to Buy 30 Investment Properties This Year

At the start of this year, I had a goal to buy 30 fix and flips, which I did not ...
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rental property 20

Rental Property Number 20 Has Been Purchased

I just bought my fourth rental property of the year (all of them are commercial properties). I was not expecting ...
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pay cash or get a loan

Why You Should Not Pay Cash for Everything

A lot of people prefer to pay cash for everything they buy. This seems like a good idea because you ...
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Fix and Flip your Way to Financial Freedom

My Fix and Flip Book Is Now Available as an Audio Book

I love flipping houses, and I also love teaching others how to flip. I have 17 flips going at the ...
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rental property after the repairs

Are Rental Properties a Good Investment When Housing Prices Are High?

I love rental properties, even though I have not bought any residential rentals for two years! I have been spending ...
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reits verse real estate

Are REITs as Good as Buying Real Estate?

A recent Forbes article claimed to prove investing in an REIT was better than actually buying real estate. The article made ...
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is a housing crisis coming again?

When Will there be Another Housing Market Crash?

I have been an agent and real estate investor since 2001. I have seen the good times in the early ...
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stated income investment loans

Can you Get a Stated Income Loan on Investment Properties?

Stated income loans used to be very common before the housing crisis. They were a big part of why the ...
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Fix and flip number 20

How to Flip 20 Houses at Once

Last week, I bought three new flips, which means I now have 20 in the works. These are not wholesale deals ...
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What Kind of Real Estate Investing is Best for You?

I get a lot of emails from people asking how to get started as a real estate investor. They want ...
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skip a mortgage payment

Can You Skip Your First Mortgage Payment When Buying a House?

When you buy a house and obtain a mortgage, most lenders will let you skip the first monthly payment. If ...
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beginners guide to investing in real estate

How to Invest in Real Estate as a Beginner

Investing in real estate is a goal for many people. Investing in real estate is also a very complicated and ...
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invest in real estate with no money

How do you Start Investing in Real Estate with No Money?

I get a lot of emails from readers and many of them have the same problem. They have no money ...
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fix and flip

The Details and Numbers on my 19 Active Fix and Flips

I bought two more fix and flips this weeks, which means I have 19 active flips. The flips are in ...
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high-end fix and flip

High-End Fix & Flip Case Study Sold for $802,000. $100,000+ Profit!

At the end of 2015, I bought the most expensive flip I have ever purchased by a long shot! I ...
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millionaire with rentals

How Fast can you Become a Millionaire with Rental Properties?

Becoming a millionaire may not mean what it once did thanks to inflation and the cost of living. However, being ...
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real estate investors go bankrupt

How Many Real Estate Investors Went Bankrupt in the Housing Crisis?

Real estate investors played a big part in the housing bubble and housing crisis during the mid to late 2000’s ...
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definition of real estate terms

Definition and Glossary of Real Estate Terms

I am writing a new book on the basics of buying and selling houses. While writing the book, I have ...
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what home improvements are best?

What Updates will Give you the Best ROI on a House?

When you fix up a house, it is important you spend your money where it will add the most value ...
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How to find a lender

How to Find a Great Lender for a Home Mortgage

The lender you use for a home mortgage can make the difference between an awesome experience, or a horrible one that ...
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what happens when you can't make your mortgage payments?

What Should You Do If You Can’t Make Your House Payments?

Buying a house is a dream for many people, and not terribly difficult with today’s low interest rates. Things happen ...
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real estate goals 2017

My Real Estate Goals for 2017 and a Review of 2016

I have many big goals for 2017, and I had a very eventful and exciting 2016. I made many big ...
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Build a Rental Property Empire Now Available as an Audiobook

I wrote Build a Rental Property Empire to help as many real estate investors as I could. There are a ...
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rentals with no money

How I have Bought 14 Rentals Without any of My Own Money

This summer I refinanced a few of my rental properties and I sold two as well. I made a lot ...
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how long does it take to buy a house

How Long Does it take to Buy a House?

The process for buying a home takes some time. When you buy a house, you may be able to close on ...
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flip 16 houses

How I am able to Handle 16 Flips at Once

Last week I bought another fix and flip property, which meant I have 16 at once. The most I had ...
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rent range review

How Down Payment Assistance Programs Work?

Housing prices are rising in many parts of the country, which makes it tough for people to buy a home ...
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How does a mortgage work?

How does a Mortgage Work?

Houses are expensive, and most people do not have $200,000 in cash, which is about the median value of homes ...
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the basics of buying a house

What are the Basics of Buying a House?

I have been a real estate agent and investor for over 15 years, and I have seen many real estate ...
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How to use the BRRRR Method to Buy Rental Properties

The BRRRR method has become a popular term for rental property purchases. It stands for Buy, Repair, Rent, Refinance, and ...
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country flip

How I am able to Flip 13 Houses at Once

Yesterday I bought another fix and flip, which gives me 13 in my current inventory. A few years ago I ...
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house flipper

What are the Top 10 Mistakes New House Flippers Make?

Flipping houses can be a very lucrative business, but it is not easy to get started. House flipping is often glamorized ...
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rental property 16

How Much Money should you Spend on a Starter House?

Many people dream of the day they can buy a home that they can call their own. Houses are expensive ...
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pay off mortgage

Is it Smart to Pay off Your Mortgage Early?

Many people have a dream of paying off the mortgage on their home. A house payment is the biggest expense ...
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invest for just cash flow

Should you Invest in Rental Properties Just for Cash Flow?

I am a huge proponent of investing in rental properties for cash flow, but I don’t invest just for cash ...
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