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My name is Mark Ferguson I love educating the world about investing in real estate and being a real estate agent.

familyBecoming a real estate agent was one of the best decisions I ever made. Although I struggled as an agent in the beginning because I had no plan, no goals, and assumed I would be successful by simply showing up. I went through a transformation in my mid twenties and realized if I wanted to be successful I had to make it happen, it would not happen for me.

Now I run a real estate team of ten that sells over 200 houses a year. Listing REO and HUD homes has been a huge part of my success, but so has creating goals and having a clear plan for my business. Being an agent has also made my much more successful as a real estate investor. Invest Four More has many articles on becoming a successful real estate agent and what it takes to make a lot of money as a real estate agent.

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How much money do real estate agents make?

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Get Started Making $100,000 a year as a Real Estate agent!

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Here are some articles to help you understand what it takes to be an agent and how to get started.


How hard is it to become a real estate agent?

How much money do real estate agents make their first year?

How much money do real estate agents make?

What is the best way to get your real estate license?

Why a career in real estate is better than a corporate job

Are there too many agents to start a career in real estate?

Why you should become a real estate agent if you are a real estate investor

How to make $100,000 a year as a real estate agent


How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent

Not only do I have many articles about becoming a successful real estate agent, I wrote a book: How to Make it Big as Real Estate Agent. The book covers how to start as an agent, how to make money as an agent, how to build your business and where to focus your energy. They book is available at Amazon as a 125 page eBook or as a PDF for only $6.49!


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real estate assistant

When Should You Hire a Real Estate Assistant?

I have been a very successful real estate agent, broker, and investor. There is no way I could have done ...
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how long does it take to make money as a real estate agent

How Long Does it Take to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents and brokers can make a lot of money, but it can also take quite some time to ...
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My Real Estate Brokerage, Blue Steel Real Estate, is Open!

Earlier this year, I bought a large commercial rental property. One of my goals that went along with buying that ...
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REO listing agent

Why I Quit Being an REO (Foreclosure) Listing Agent

I found my niche as a real estate agent in the REO world. REO stands for real estate owned and ...
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real estate agents inflate housing prices?

Do Real Estate Agents Inflate Housing Prices?

A lot of people do not trust real estate agents, and many people even feel that real estate agents cause ...
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things not to tell a real estate agent

Top 10 Things Never to Say or Do When Working With Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can do many things. They market homes, value properties, network like crazy, show houses, and make sure ...
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real estate goals 2017

My Real Estate Goals for 2017 and a Review of 2016

I have many big goals for 2017, and I had a very eventful and exciting 2016. I made many big ...
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seller property disclosure

What does a Homeowner have to Disclose when Selling a House?

When selling a house, the homeowner must disclose material facts they know about their home. A seller’s property disclosure is ...
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rent range review

How Down Payment Assistance Programs Work?

Housing prices are rising in many parts of the country, which makes it tough for people to buy a home ...
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How does a mortgage work?

How does a Mortgage Work?

Houses are expensive, and most people do not have $200,000 in cash, which is about the median value of homes ...
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SmartMove Tenant Screening

Black Friday Sale on InvestFourMore Products and Coaching

The InvestFourMore Black Friday sale is live! Unlike other stores and websites, I actually waited until Friday to have my ...
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dangers of owning a home

What are the Biggest Dangers to Homeowners?

Houses have become more than just structures to protect us from the elements. Houses have become luxurious, comfortable, expansive, and ...
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find real estate agent

How to Find a Great Real Estate Agent

Buying a house is the most important financial decision many people will ever make in their lives. A lot of ...
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earnest money

What is Earnest Money When Buying a House?

When a buyer agrees to purchase a property from a seller, the buyer usually pays earnest money as a deposit ...
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the basics of buying a house

What are the Basics of Buying a House?

I have been a real estate agent and investor for over 15 years, and I have seen many real estate ...
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great real estate agent

How to be a Great Real Estate Agent

I have been a licensed real estate agent for 15 years. I have worked on a team, worked in very ...
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real estate investing sale

Sale on Books and Coaching Products

I have been a pretty busy guy this summer. I have revamped my flipping business and it is finally running ...
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build a rental property empire book

InvestFourMore Sale

This weekend InvestFourMore will have a sale on everything in the shop and on my books as well. Use coupon ...
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How Much Money Does a Real Estate Agent Have to Pay to their Broker?

When starting out as a real estate agent, you must work under a broker for a certain amount of time ...
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real estate agent and investor

When Should a Real Estate Investor get an Agent or Broker’s License?

I write a lot about why real estate investors should become real estate agents to get more deals and save ...
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realtor versus real estate agent

What is the Difference Between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent?

When I write articles on this site I refer to real estate agents and Realtors often. Many people feel that ...
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real estate agent websites

Why Real Estate Agents Need to Have a Website to Generate Leads

There are many websites trying to sell real estate agents leads such as, Zillow, Trulia, and more. Those websites promise the opportunity ...
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real estate agents obsolete?

Will Real Estate Agents be Replaced by Websites Like Zillow?

I hear all the time how websites like Zillow and Trulia are going to replace the real estate agent, much ...
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first time home buyers

How to Target First-Time Home Buyers as a Real Estate Agent

This post is provided by Satinder Haer, who writes about home improvement, design, and real estate for Zillow. The millennial ...
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Ferguson Team

New Webinar! Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

A couple weeks ago I had my first live webinar, which was all about investing in rental properties. It was ...
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determine market rent

Can Real Estate Agents be Successful in a New Town?

One of the best ways to make money as a real estate agent is utilizing your circle of influence. Selling ...
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Why a Good Reputation Will Make You Money in Real Estate

As a real estate agent and investor I hear a lot of stories about unethical business practices. I even hear ...
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What is the Easiest Way to Start a Successful Business?

Many people think of starting a business as a very difficult and involved process. You have to think of a ...
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Can Young Real Estate Agents Be Successful?

I became a real estate agent when I was 22 years old. I was just out of college and did ...
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New Monthly Pricing on The Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System

I introduced the Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System earlier this year. I created the system to help real ...
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hud homes

How to Complete an Accurate and Awesome Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

As a REO agent one of my main tasks is to complete Broker Price Opinions or BPOs. When I get ...
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real estate agent education

Do Real Estate Classes Teach you How to Sell Houses?

Anyone who wants to become a real estate agent will have to take some form of education before they can get ...
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hire staff

How to Make More Money By Hiring More People

I have learned over the last few years that I can’t do everything myself if I want to reach the ...
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real estate conference

How to Best Use Real Estate Conferences

Last week at attended a real estate conference in Columbus Ohio that was focused on how to wholesale houses. I love ...
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Brie Schmidt - multi family properties in multiple markets

Podcast 001 Buying Multifamily in Multiple Markets – Brie Schmidt

Mastering multi-family income properties in multiple markets is not easy… but Brie’s got it wired! Welcome to the debut episode ...
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college and real estate agent

Should You go to College if You Want to be a real estate agent?

Many young adults and even kids have asked me if it is worth it to go to college if they want ...
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real estate virtual assistant (VA)

Using Real Estate Virtual Assistants (VAs) to Make More Money

I have a lot going on in my life. I have my real estate team of 9, my 13 rentals, ...
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real estate agents fail

The Top Ten Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail

A couple of weeks ago I discussed why most aspiring real estate investors fail to buy a house or lose ...
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The Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System

Over the last three years my real estate team has sold over 550 houses. Selling that many houses is not ...
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should real estate agents work for property managers

Should New Real Estate Agents Start in Property Management?

Real estate agents can make a lot of money, but it takes time to become successful in the business. Many ...
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Are there too Many Realtors to Start a Career in Real Estate?

Many people who want to become real estate agents worry there are too many real estate agents for them to be ...
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Five Advertising Tips for New Real Estate Agents

This post is provided by Real Estate Calendars, a family owned business that was founded in 1987. They offer printing and ...
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Rental Property, Flipping and Real Estate Agent Videos

Over the last month I have started to film many more videos for InvestFourMore. In the past I have filmed ...
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Can a Real Estate Agent Make $100,000 a Year?

Average incomes for real estate agents can vary based on the source you look at, and if an agent is ...
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real estate express

What are the Real Estate Agent Licensing Requirements in Every State?

Every state in the U.S. has different requirements for getting a real estate license. This article gives a brief description ...
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Ferguson Team

Why Real Estate Agents Should Join a Team to Make More Money

Becoming a successful real estate agent is not easy, because it takes time to sell enough houses to make a ...
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How to Become an REO or HUD Listing Agent

Deciding to become an REO and HUD listing agent was not easy for me, but it was one of the ...
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real estate investors fail

Why Real Estate Agents Should Complete Continuing Education Online

Getting a real estate license takes a lot of education depending on your state’s requirements. Once you complete your initial ...
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real estate agents working with investors

How Real Estate Agents Make Money Working With Real Estate Investors?

Working with real estate investors can be a great way for real estate agents to make money. Working with investors ...
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college and real estate agent

What is the Best Way to Get a Real Estate License?

Getting a real estate license can be difficult for some and easy for others. Some people are great test takers ...
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