How to Find Off Market Properties

4 thoughts on “How to Find Off Market Properties”

  1. This is no not the way to start off. Wholesaling is for people who have no education, no job, no resources….. aka money. People make money – and lots of it – selling the possibility of making money in this fashion with how-to books, videos, etc. Its about as positive an outcome as hospice.

    • Hi, I know many wholesalers bringing in $50,000 a month or more in profit. Many of them are educated. This article is not even about wholesalers, it is about finding houses below market.

  2. Hi Mark. Great article so far and very useful information. Do you think, if you live in hot sellers market, with low inventory, its harder to find an off market houses? Simply, because seller can list it on MLS and get multiple offers. For example, Bay Area

    • I think it is tough in any market, but yes it can be even tougher in a hot market. Still there will always be some people out there who don’t want to list.

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