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Mark Ferguson Real Estate Mastermind 2024 Schedule in Colorado

I (Mark Ferguson) will hold 4 in-person masterminds in Colorado in 2024. I love doing these because it gives people from all over the country a chance to meet, learn about each other’s business, give advice, get advice, and think outside the box. I attended a mastermind like this a few years ago and loved how much it helped my business and helped me to think bigger and consider things I have never thought of. It is easy to get stuck in your business and stuck in your ways if it is only you trying to figure everything out.

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Who is Mark Ferguson?

I will be the first to tell you that I am not for everyone. I hold these events because I feel I can offer value to people well above and beyond the cost. The people who I can help the most are go-getters, are willing to take some risks, want more than the status quo out of life, and are open-minded to new ideas.

I started in real estate in 2002 after college, where I obtained a business finance degree. I started very small painting houses, doing landscaping, and running errands for my dad who was an agent and flipped houses once in a while. Eventually, I got my real estate license, started helping with the flipping business, and still made very little money. My life changed when I took control, started cold calling banks to get foreclosure listings and started my own career. I then bought rental properties, always making sure to get awesome deals. Eventually, I built up the flipping business, bought out my dad, started my own office, and began to buy commercial and multifamily real estate. In the last few years, I started buying businesses that came with the real estate like a liquor store, laundromat, car wash, and more. Through all of this, I documented my journey through social media, YouTube, and my blog At these masterminds I am willing to talk about anything and everything that I have done, do, or plan to do.

When are the mastermind events?

I have had a couple of these masterminds in the past but this year I wanted to go bigger and better by scheduling them well ahead of time and giving people multiple dates to attend. All of these will be held in my office Blue Steel Real Estate in Greeley Colorado. We will also be taking trips to see some of my projects (rentals, files, businesses) so I can show you exactly what I do and why. We may also look at a property for sale to show you what I look for in a deal and why.

Here are the dates:

  • Winter 2024: January 8th and 9th
  • Spring 2024: April 22nd and 23rd
  • Summer 2024: July 22nd and 23rd
  • Fall 2024: October 21st and 22nd

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How intense are these events?

When I hold a mastermind it is 2 days packed full of information and interaction. You will not just be interacting with me but with other people in the group who are real estate investors or business owners as well. We spend all day talking with each other, visiting properties, visiting my staff, and going over each other’s business so that we can all help each other do better. I also give specific training on finding deals, finding financing, and repairing and maintaining properties.

Are these serious or fun events?

I am very serious about business but I am also very laid back and know that being mad or blaming others won’t fix my problems. I am also a fan of laughing and having fun. We pack a lot of information into these events, but we also have some fun, mostly making fun of myself. These events come with meals, and time to relax as well. You don’t have to worry about offending me or making me mad because that is virtually impossible.

What is the agenda for the mastermind?

The heart of the mastermind is going over each person’s current business and plans. We will dedicate a large chunk of time to brainstorming ideas, sharing experiences, and offering support and ideas to each other. We will also take a field trip to a few of my projects including flips I am working on, businesses I own and run like the laundromats or liquor store (maybe something else if I buy something new), and some rental properties (commercial, multifamily or residential). There will also be scheduled dinners and if anyone wants a house or garage tour that is in the books as well.

Are there any discounts for the mastermind?

If you want to bring a spouse or business partner I do offer a discount for the second person as long as they are sharing the same business plan. If you want to attend multiple events there is also a discount available. Please just email me below.

How do I learn more and sign up?

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For each ticket sold, I will donate $500 to charity. I have picked out my charity and it is Get the Facts Out Organization which helps develop and recruit students to become teachers. I am on the board of this nonprofit and it is making a massive impact on the teaching industry. The world and the US need more teachers, especially STEM teachers and this group is doing a great job tackling this growing problem.

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If you have questions about the discounts mentioned or any of the details, you can also contact me here.

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