How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money?

  • TexasBaron says:

    Another great article Mark!

    Another option is owner financing. I have bought a few rentals in the past by using this technique. A lot of owner finance homes are over priced but if you keep your eyes and ears open you can find good deals. I bought these homes with no out of pocket money by getting the down payment rolled into the monthly payment. I only go 5 or 10 year notes on owner finance homes but these are homes under 50k so getting a conventional loan is not likely anyway. The biggest determining factor is cash flow. One house cash flowed $400 a month and the other $300. I’m always looking for another one and won’t hesitate to pull the trigger on the next one.

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      That is true! Most owner financing deals I see are not very good deals and that is why they are offering owner financing!

  • Aisake Fifita says:

    Thankyou for your article

    I always look to inspiration like this to force myself into action. I’ve been looking at some forclosure sales, particularly sheriff and tax sales. My next step is to locate owners and talk them into getting themselves out of their situation by selling, and then Ill find buyers. Thats the hardest part! Getting out of my comfort zone.
    Also using VA loan to purchase quad-plex, something profitable

    Thankyou Mark

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Good luck!

    • Remember – everything you use when doing your work, even driving out to talk to local owners, etc. can be written off come tax time!
      This means that you can write off your car expenses, insurance, even mobile phone that you use on these real estate calls.
      That doesn’t mean you should blow money on these things. Minimize costs whenever you can if you want to be successful in real estate. I always use Gas Buddy to find cheap gas. I use Insurance Panda for car insurance ($25/month), and I use Metro PCS for cell phone (only $20/month).
      Being frugal, and taking advantage of every single tax write-off is the best way to get ahead when you are first starting our in the real estate game, IMO!
      Good luck!

      • Mark Ferguson says:

        Great advice!

  • This is a great article! Start investing in real estate with no money? Who would’ve thought that it is possible. With the help of your article, people with no money can finally start and enter the world of real estate investment. Hoping you could write more of this soon!

  • Over the years I have been investing and what most people do not see is it is not just about the right investment, but it is also about when is the right time to invest. If you have tried trading in the stock market, you probably know what I am talking about. Sometimes if you invest in the right companies but at the wrong time, you may lose money. Same goes for other investments and other business ventures. I won’t tell you the things you already know but I will try to help you realize that there are things you may have skipped but are actually really important and what you learn will tell you how to invest properly not just on being a real estate investor but also an investor in general.

  • Thanks Mark, The article is amazing. You’re really helping the new investors. I will start investing in real estate soon. wish me luck!!!

    • Mark Ferguson says:

      Good luck