Flip2Freedom Review: Wholesaling Program With Sean Terry

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Flip2Freedom is a real estate wholesaling and flipping program put together by investor Sean Terry. I was able to review Flip2Freedom and check out all the features and benefits of the program. The program or system is full of information. To be honest I could not get through all of it, because it would have taken weeks of my time without doing anything else! The program is based on wholesaling and flipping with a focus on finding deals, especially off-market deals.

I try to review as many real estate programs as I can for many reasons. I like to inform people on how good a program is and what is really included in the program. I never review a program I have not tried out myself and I don’t post reviews on bad programs. I don’t post reviews on bad programs, because I do not want to give publicity to programs that are a rip off or not worth the money. I have reviewed a few programs that I never posted anything on because of this.

*Please note I may receive an affiliate commission on some programs I link to on my site.

Should you pay for real estate coaching?

You will find a lot of varying opinions on if it is worth it to buy real estate programs. Some people feel you should never spend any money on a real estate product because you can find information for free online. It is true you can find a lot of free information online, in fact, I have over 300 free articles on my site. One problem with free information you find online is knowing how accurate that information is and if the person posting that information has any idea what they are doing.

I also think there is a place for buying products and spending money to save time or learn faster. I spend a lot of money on products that reduce my learning curve or will prevent costly mistakes. When I started out in the REO business I bought a $400 REO kit that taught me a lot about the business and helped me get more listings (I have my own REO kit as well). I have spent over $5,000 on a personal coach to help propel my business and I have spent much more than that on a paid mastermind group. It is tough to spend a lot of money just to talk to someone or a group, but it has all been well worth it and made me much more money than the cost of the group or coaching.

There are a lot of real estate programs online and it can be tough knowing what is legit and what is not. I will get into Sean Terry’s program soon, but it is legit and affordable. Some programs will charge you $40,000 before everything is said and done and teach you almost nothing! Here are a few things to watch out for if are considering a real estate investing course.

Free seminars

Most free seminars lead to a $300 boot camp, which then lead to a $20,000 to $40,000 coaching program. Stay away! If they don’t teach you anything in the free seminar or the boot camp, they won’t teach you anything in the coaching program either. It is all a sales tactic. Buy a house or hire a local investor to teach you with that money.

Money back guarantee

I offer guarantees on my programs and most good programs will as well.

Free information

Many gurus refuse to teach anything until they are paid. If you have to pay to get any information at all, there is a good chance they don’t have any good information.

Current programs

Try to work with investors who are doing deals in today’s market, not 20 years ago or who have never done a deal.

What is Flip2Freedom?

One of the perks of running a blog is I get to try out many products for free. I was able to go through Flip2Freedom and see everything it has to offer and if it would be useful to investors. I have to say I was impressed with the sheer amount of information provided in the program and the topics he covers.

His program is focused on wholesaling by finding off-market properties. He uses direct mail and many other tactics to find off-market properties. Sean himself is a wholesaler and a very successful wholesaler. He not only preaches these techniques, but he uses them himself (last I saw he does about 10 deals a month). You can also use direct marketing to flip houses and this program talks a lot about flipping as well. Here are a few of the topics covered

  • What is wholesaling
  • How to find distressed sellers
  • How to buy HUD homes cheap
  • How to use a website, bandit signs, direct mailing, Google ad-words and many other techniques to find off-market homes.
  • How to write contracts
  • How to talk to sellers
  • How to negotiate with sellers
  • How to close on a property
  • How to find buyers and build a buyers list
  • How to hire staff and build the business
  • And even how to sell your wholesaling business
  • How to flip houses instead of wholesale them

I actually learned a lot from this program myself on how to improve my direct mailing program. I have bought one flip and listed three houses as an agent with direct mail (much more since I first wrote this).

What is in Sean Terry’s coaching program?

The sheer amount of information in Flip2Freedom is a bit daunting, but it is worth going through it all. There are multiple learning channels included.

  1. Videos: If you like videos you are going to love Flip2Freedom. There are close to 150 videos included in the program that help guide you through the entire process of wholesaling and flipping.
  2. Coaching Calls: Every month they have a coaching conference call and you can listen to previous calls dating back to 2010.
  3. Buying houses: They will buy your deals of they are good enough and they have partnership opportunities.
  4. Supplemental information: With every video comes documents and forms to supplement the training. Many come with word docs or PDFs if you don’t like video training.
  5. Software: The program comes with excel software to help you analyze deals and even project the number of deals you have to do to make the money you want to make.
  6. Facebook and community: There is a discussion board for members and a private Facebook page to discuss investing.
  7. Additional materials: The program has motivational videos, articles on attitudes and goals and teaches people how to think successfully, not just the actions to take investing in real estate.

Here is a link to Flip2Freedom.

What are some of the downsides to Flip2Freedom?

Flip2Freedom takes an investment of time and money. It will take time to get through the training and you have to commit yourself to completing it and taking action if you want to be successful. That is true for anything as there is no program that will do the work for you. The program is more expensive than my investing program, but it covers completely different material than mine.

The program is based on videos so if you don’t like videos it may be tough to get through. I used to hate watching videos, until I realized I could listen to them while driving or working out. If you still don’t want to watch videos you can read the supplemental information, but you may not get as much out of it.

When you visit the sales page for the program it will look like every other sales page you see online. A lot of crazy colors, videos and other tactics are used to sell the program. Many people are put off by this sales technique, but the sad truth is it works. I have resisted using any sales tactics like this for a while, but the stats and research shows this is the best way to sell products. If you can get around the hard sell, it is a great product and I recommend trying it out.


Flip2Freedom is full of great information from an investor doing deals in today’s market. I would love to put together a fix and flip or wholesaling program myself, but it takes a ton of work to create these products. I am also not a wholesaling expert, although I think I know a little bit about flipping. If you are looking for a program that can walk you through the process of flipping, finding off-market properties and wholesaling I highly recommend Flip2Freedom.

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15 thoughts on “Flip2Freedom Review: Wholesaling Program With Sean Terry”

  1. Thanks for the review. I value your opinion, and appreciate the information. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Shaine

  2. Thanks for always putting in the work to review these products for your readers!

    • Thank you Michelle!

  3. A question….. In your book on wholesaling in regards to marketing tools to generate leads; FMSN- You indicate to not send letters to prospects where the property address and owner address are the same. Might you elaborate on why? Many thanks.

    • You might have me mixed up with someone else. I don’t have a book on wholesaling.

  4. Hey man just wondering where you are now after a year of usin?g Flip2Freedom?

    • I do not wholesale much myself, and my business was set up well before I checked out the program. It’s hard for me to say how much it helped my own investing, but I thought it had a lot of great info.

  5. Does this program come with the disk of forms you’ll need?

    • Yes, when i checked it out

  6. you still recommending flip2freedom ? I see questions from 2015 on the same blog

    • When I went through the program it was good, but that was a while ago.

  7. I would like to know if anybody elso other htan Mark has joined the flip2freedom academy? and if so, how has it worked out for you…I am considering

  8. Great article…i just looked at the video for flip2freedom academy and I am considering signing up for it…your information has been helpful…thank you

    • You are welcome

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