Do you Have to go to College to be a Real Estate Agent?


3 thoughts on “Do you Have to go to College to be a Real Estate Agent?”

  1. Great observations, Mark.
    I think most people will benefit from college. I think it is important to become a well-rounded person and to know and learn more than just what is needed for one’s job/career.
    The friends and network you develop are priceless. Learning to feel comfortable in many different (social) situations and with different people, is a skill that is easiest learned in college, and so useful in life. Traveling will do that to you as well.
    I know quite a few successful realtors and they all have a solid education: geologists, economist (PhD), scientist, aerospace engineer, etc. i guess the common denominator is being good with math and being a likable person.
    I guess some people can do it straight out of high school, but I would like to grow a bit first (and lose some wild hairs).

    • Thanks Jenna, I agree with just about all that. I think it takes someone who is deadset on being an agent and is ready for the real world right away.

  2. This was very informative, gave me some clarity on which route I’d be willing to take with becoming a real estate agent. Sharing your experience has really helped me

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