How to Find A Portfolio Lender Who Will Finance Multiple Investment Properties

Portfolio lenders are local banks that lend their own money and many times, do not sell their loans. A portfolio lender can be a great asset because they may be more willing to finance a real estate investor. A portfolio lender will often have looser requirements than large national banks, which makes it easier for investors to get loans. Big banks may not finance an investor if they have more than four mortgages, but many local banks might. I have a great portfolio lender who allows me to finance as many properties as I want, as long as I continue to qualify and have enough reserves. Having a good portfolio lender is extremely important to my strategy, which depends on buying many properties. I would have a very hard time reaching my goal of purchasing 100 rental properties if I did not have a portfolio lender financing my properties.

What is a portfolio lender and why are they important?

Many banks will not give you another mortgage if you already have four financed properties. There are some banks that will finance between four and ten properties, but they have many restrictions. Those restrictions include a 25% down payment, high credit scores, and no cash out refinance. Very few banks will give you a mortgage if you have ten financed properties or more. Most banks have restrictions on the number of mortgages they will give to one person because they sell their loans to institutional investors who only buy loans that conform to Fannie Mae guidelines.

A portfolio lender lends their own money and they do not sell their loans to institutional investors. Because portfolio lenders do not have to conform to Fannie Mae guidelines, they will lend on more than four and even more than ten mortgages. They also may allow a cash out refinance and be flexible with many other financing options. My portfolio lender does not require a property to be in livable condition to give me a loan. Some portfolio lenders do not require an appraisal, they may not require as high of a credit score, and they might not be as concerned with debt-to-income ratios.

Here is a nationwide portfolio lender that specializes in rental property loans.

Here is another nationwide portfolio lender that specializes in rental properties.

What type of loans does a portfolio lender offer?

Since a portfolio lender is a local bank that lends their own money, they do not have to meet Fannie Mae lending guidelines, which allows them more flexibility. However, they do not offer all the loan programs that large banks offer. My portfolio lender does not offer a 30-year fixed mortgage. My portfolio lender only offers a 15-year fixed, 5/30 ARM, or 7/30 ARM. To get the lowest interest rate, I use a 5/30 ARM on most of my rental properties. Here is a great article with more information on ARMs. Each portfolio lender has different terms and loan programs. I can put 20% down on as many properties as I can qualify for with my portfolio lender. Some local banks require 25% down, some will only offer 25 or 20 year amortizations, and some have higher interest rates. If you are looking for a portfolio lender, make sure you shop around to find the best terms.

A portfolio lender will also want you to have all your accounts and money in their bank. This is usually not a big issue for most people, since a portfolio lender will have very competitive programs and products that align with the larger national banks. The better relationship you build with a portfolio lender the better loans you will get.

Here is a great article on how to find a hard money lender.

How did I find my lender?

I found my portfolio lender because I am a real estate agent and I heard from other agents that my portfolio lender was the best bank for investors. After I ran into problems with my mortgage broker financing my fifth rental property, I contacted a portfolio lender to see what they could offer. The portfolio lender had the perfect loans for my investment properties. It took me about a week to move all of my accounts over to the new bank so I could easily finance new rentals.

I have since purchased 16 rentals; 15 of them were financed with the same local bank. This local bank has also financed fix and flips for me as well as raw land.

How can you find a portfolio lender?

The first way to find a portfolio lender is to ask everyone you know if they know of a portfolio lender. Some people may not know what a portfolio lender is; ask them if they know a lender that likes to loan to investors. Whom can you ask?

  • Real estate agents know many lenders and may be your best source to find a portfolio lender.
  • Other lenders may be able to refer you to a portfolio lender once they know they cannot give you a loan.
  • Investors in the area will know portfolio lenders; the trick is meeting them. Real estate investor meetings are a great place to meet investors and get local information.
  • Ask your local bank if they are a portfolio lender or what types of investor lending programs they offer.
  • Ask title companies whom local investors use to finance their rental properties.
  • Call your chamber of commerce and ask if they know who the most investor friendly banks are in town.

Search the internet for a portfolio lender

The internet is the easiest way to start your search for a portfolio lender. Simply search for a portfolio lender in your state on any web search engine. I have tried this a couple of times for people in different states and I always get results. Once you find a bank that mentions portfolio lending in your state, call and ask what type of investor programs they offer.

Cold calling for a portfolio lender

If none of the options above is working and you cannot find a portfolio lender, you may have to resort to calling local banks in your area. Call banks that are not national chains and see what type of investor loans they offer. If they do not have what you are looking for, ask if they know which bank might. Keep trying until you have called all the local banks you can find.

What questions should you ask when looking for a portfolio lender?

Many banks do not advertise that they are portfolio lenders and many people working at the bank may not even know what a portfolio lender is. If you call a bank and they say they are not a portfolio lender, do not give up! Ask to talk to a loan officer and ask specific questions about what type of investor programs they offer. Here are some good questions to ask:

  • Do you loan to investors who already have four mortgages?
  • Do you have a commercial loan or a business loan department?
  • Do you sell your loans or keep them in-house?
  • Do you allow investors with four or more mortgages to do a cash out refinance?
  • What terms and loan programs do you offer investors? ARM, 15-year, 30-year fixed, balloon?
  • What interest rates do you charge and what are the initial costs for your loans?
  • What loan-to-value ratios do you offer investors for a new purchase and a refinance?
  • What are your seasoning requirements for refinances?


Finding a portfolio lender is not easy, but it makes investing a lot easier. My portfolio lender has been awesome financing my rental properties and fix and flips. This should point you in the right direction for finding a portfolio lender in your area. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment and let me know. For more information on buying investment properties and financing them, I created a product that tells you the process step-by-step on how to buy, finance, and manage profitable rentals. You can check it out here.

For more information on how to buy the best rentals that will make the most money, check out my book, Build a Rental Property Empire: The no-nonsense book on finding deals, financing the right way, and managing wisely. The book is 374 pages long, comes in paperback or as an eBook, and is an Amazon best seller.


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