Real Estate Scholarship


At InvestFourMore, we strive to help people become real estate investors either as rental property owners, flippers, wholesalers or even note owners. 

We recognize that advancement in the real estate field, just like any other, begins with good education.

We are therefore proud to be offering an annual real estate scholarship program.

The yearly winner will be awarded $1,000

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The Requirements Are As Follows:



  • The scholarship is open to any US high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students.
  • Special consideration will be given to students pursuing courses in real estate.


Using your school-assigned .edu email address, please submit to the form below with the following information:

  • 1000-word essay on your short term (next 1-5 years) and long term (10-20 years) real estate goals. 
  • A short description of yourself, area of study, and achievements
  • Your full name, email address, and phone number

During processing, you will be requested to provide proof of enrollment in a school, college, or university.


This is an annual scholarship.

All applications must be submitted by midnight, December 31, every year.

Any late or incomplete application will not be processed.

The winner will be contacted via email and will receive the scholarship award in approximately 30 days after the deadline.


By applying, you are expressly giving your consent for us to:

  • Contact you via phone, mail, or email for the processing of the scholarship award; and
  • Publish your name and your essay on our site

**You are responsible for the payment, if applicable, of any taxes arising from the receipt of this scholarship.


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