101 Rental Property Tips

101 Rental Property Tips

Rental properties are my favorite way to invest money! Over the years, I have bought more than 30 residential, commercial, and single-family rentals, which may not seem like that much but some of my properties have more than 60,000 square feet. I have been in real estate for almost 20 years now and I have … Read more

Is It Smart to Buy Rentals When You Are Young?

invest when young

There are many challenges to buying rental properties when you are young, but there are also many advantages. The biggest challenge to buying rental properties is getting enough money to pay for down payments, repairs, and reserves. However, there are many ways to buy rental properties with little money down, and it is easier to … Read more

Should You Allow Pets in a Rental Property?

Should You Allow Pets in a Rental Property

I have owned rental properties for many years and prefer not to rent to tenants with pets, but that doesn’t mean I never do. There are situations where I will rent to tenants with certain pets. I understand that many people have pets and love their pets, but I also love my rental properties and … Read more

Are Short-Term Rentals (Airbnb) a Good Investment?

airbnb risks

I do not have any short-term or Airbnb rentals. However, a lot of people have asked me to write about them because they have become so popular lately. I do not have short term-rentals because I don’t have the time to manage them or have a property manager that wants to manage them either. There … Read more

Clayton Morris and the Morris Invest Fraud Accusations

Clayton Morris Scam

Clayton Morris is a real estate investor who used to be the host of “Fox and Friends” on Fox News. He took about $5,000,000 in referral fees for selling turnkey rental properties. He has also been accused of scamming hundreds of investors by selling properties that were not rehabbed or even built in some cases. … Read more

Is It Better to Invest in Real Estate or Stocks?

stocks vs real estate

I have invested in both real estate and the stock market, and I believe real estate is hands down the better investment. Even with the stock market increasing significantly, I am making more money on my rental properties, and they allow me to retire much earlier than the stock market would. The conventional thoughts are … Read more

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