Is it Better to Invest for Cash Flow or Appreciation?

Is It Better To Invest For Cash Flow Or Appreciation

I am a huge proponent of investing in rental properties for cash flow, but I don’t invest just for cash flow. I love the money my rentals produce in income every month but I also love the equity I have. My rentals have created millions of dollars of net worth for me and while the … Read more

Is Investing in Rental Properties Risky?

How Risky is Investing in Rental Properties?

I am trying to buy as many rental properties as possible because of the great returns they provide. I am also trying to help other investors discover the fantastic world of investing in long-term rentals through my blog. However, I run into a lot of feedback from people who are worried about how risky it … Read more

Why It Is Risky to Rent Real Estate to a Marijuana Business

Why It Is Risky To Rent Real Estate To A Marijuana Business

I own rental properties, flip houses, am a real estate broker, and live in Colorado where marijuana is legal. I have no problem with marijuana or it being legalized, but as a landlord, I must be very careful renting to any business that involves marijuana. The big issues come from the fact that while pot … Read more

How to buy Another Rental Property With Less Money

Real estate is one of the best ways for the everyday person to make it big but it is not easy to get started, let alone buy another rental property! It takes money, perseverance, and guts to buy real estate and use it for an investment. A lot of people want to become investors but … Read more

How Much Cash Flow Do You Need on Rental Properties?

How Much Cash Flow Do You Need on Rental Properties

I am a strong advocate that investors should buy rental properties for cash flow and not appreciation. Appreciation is a nice bonus but it is really risky buying properties that do not make money! Another question an investor must ask themselves is how much cash flow is needed on their rental properties? How much cash … Read more

What is the Best Way to Screen Tenants for Rentals?

How to Screen Tenants For Rental Properties

When I bought my first rental properties I managed them myself, with some help from my wife. If you ask my wife, she would probably say she managed them with a little bit of help from me. Whichever is true, we did a decent job of managing the houses, but we could have done much … Read more

How I Made 2 Million Dollars From a Single Rental Property

I bought a commercial property in 2018 for $2,100,000. It was a 68k square foot strip mall that had a grocery store, restaurant, office, and coffee shop as tenants. I bought this property in Northern Colorado and it was the most expensive and biggest property I had ever purchased by far! I thought this was … Read more

How to Invest in Real Estate with Less than $10,000

How to Invest in Real Estate with Less than 10000

I recently wrote an article about how to make $10,000 a month with rental properties. I have personally surpassed that number and will keep going, but not everyone is at that stage in their investing life. What about those who do not have much money and are looking to get started investing in real estate? … Read more

Why Rental Properties are the Best Real Estate Investment

Rental Properties are Best Real Estate Investment

I have been in the real estate business for many years. I have flipped houses, wholesale properties, been an agent, own my own brokerage, and I have bought single-family rentals, multifamily rentals, college rentals, and even commercial rentals. After almost 20 years in the real estate business, I can tell you that rental properties are … Read more

How to Make $10,000 a Month From Rental Properties

How to Make 10,000 a Month with Rental Properties

When I first started my rental property journey, I thought it would be amazing when I hit $10,000 a month from rental properties alone. I passed that up a while ago and have kept going. Let me tell you, it was pretty amazing to hit that milestone and know that no matter what else happens … Read more

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