004: Building Lasting Wealth With Rentals with Ben Leybovich

Yes, you can – Ben Leybovich is one example that proves it. Ben was and is a violinist and was diagnosed with MS at the beginning of his artistic career. He knew then that he’d have to develop ways to produce income that were not dependent on his physical skills. His research led him to real estate investing and he’s never looked back.

Ben had no money at the time or cash of his own to invest in his business so he worked hard to discover ways to partner with others who did have money. With other people’s money he could get started with real estate investing as a real business. Ben’s passion is to produce passive income that does not depend on his continued daily work. For that reason he’s invested heavily in multi-family properties and feels that they are the best investment in the real estate industry.

Learn why Ben Leybovich insists on developing the power of leverage to enable him to invest in properties that are sure winners rather than just buying anything that might increase his cash flow. He want’s certain types of properties that will be long-term wealth building properties, not just immediate gains. For that reason Ben only does 1 deal per year on average, but works hard to make sure it’s the right deal that will grow his wealth.

Listen in to this episode of The InvestFourMore Podcast to learn how Ben Leybovich chooses multi-family properties over single-family properties almost every time, and how he leverages them to amass wealth. Ben and I don’t always agree on the best way to invest, but he has some great techniques and a ton of knowledge.

Do you know what syndication is when it comes to real estate investing? Ben Leybovich believes that syndication is one of the best leveraging tools to amass wealth in real estate. Listen in to hear his simple definition and how he describes its outworking in his real estate business.