Eddie Speed Note School Review

Eddie Speed is a real estate investor who specializes in buying and selling notes. He created Eddie Speed Note School to help teach investors how to buy notes, why they are a good investment and how to find notes to buy. Investing in non-performing and performing notes is one way to invest in real estate without actually buying a property. Instead of buying a house, you buy the note and become the bank. With notes, you may also have the opportunity or be forced to take possession of houses if the borrowers default. Notes are a very interesting investment vehicle, not because of the initial terms and interest you collect on the note, but because you can sometimes buy notes for much less than what is owed on them. Eddie Speed’s note school does a great job of introducing how to find, buy, and make money with notes.

Who is Eddie Speed?

Eddie Speed is a real estate investor who has been buying notes or loans for over 30 years. I buy houses for flips and rental properties, but I also talk about all things real estate and note investing is intriguing. Since I am not an expert on notes, I figured I would recommend someone who is and who does a great job teaching others.

Note School has a ton of free resources and it also has some home study courses and live training. One of the perks of writing a real estate blog is I get to try out many investing programs. Eddie Speed was nice enough to let me view one of his training courses as well as the free material available on his site. Most of his information is in video form, which I used to dislike, until I realized I could listen to videos on my phone while I work out. I went through Eddie Speed’s Note School and his Insider Hedge Fund Training. Both were full of great information and I have talked with a few of his students who were also very impressed with his systems and guidance.

What are notes?

I wrote a much more detailed article on notes here, but here are the basics.

  • Banks or private lenders loan money to borrowers and use the borrowers house as collateral.
  • If the borrowers make all their payments the note is performing, but if the borrowers fall behind or stop making payments it is called a non-performing note.
  • Performing notes usually sell close to the balance of the loan, but non-performing notes sell for much less than what is owed.
  • Even though an investor may buy a non-performing note for $50,000, if the balance owed on the note is $90,000 an investor can collect the entire $90,000.
  • An investor can make a lot of money with non-performing notes if they are able to modify the note so that the borrowers can make payments (then sell the note or collect payments), sell the house and pay off the note in full, sell the house as a short sale (the borrowers would be selling, not the note holder), foreclose on the home and resell the house or use the house as a rental.

The trick to being a successful note investor is finding great deals on notes, knowing how to service them and choosing the best exit strategy to make the most money.

What does Note School teach?

If you read InvestFourMore often you know I provide a ton of free information on rentals, flips and being a real estate agent. I also provide additional programs for those that want more personalized help and guidance. Eddie Speed also provides a free video training course on buying notes that goes over the basics of notes, how to buy them and options to make money with them. It is a great introductory course and gives out a lot of information.

He also offers the Insider Hedge Fund Formula which goes into much more detail and gives names of places to buy notes, more information on servicing notes, how to contact hedge funds that are selling notes and many case studies on how his students have made money with notes. The really nice thing about this program is it is only $97 and comes with a money back guarantee.

If you want to attend a personal seminar with Eddie, you can do that for less than $300. He teaches seminars all over the United States and Canada. I have not attended the training seminars so I cannot say what is included and discussed in that training. I have also heard that Eddie sells a personal mentor program, which is much more expensive, but again I have no experience with that side of Note School and I do not know how good those systems are. I can say the information provided in the free videos and the Insider Hedge Fund Formula is really good.


Investing in notes can be very lucrative, but you have to know what you are doing! If you see an awesome deal that is selling for pennies on the dollar, there is probably a reason for it. You have to know how to service notes, what the guidelines are for buying notes and how to complete due diligence. Most of all you need an exit strategy based on multiple scenarios. Investing in notes is not something a novice investor can jump into with no experience.