How to Become a Millionaire in Real Estate

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  1. I have several realestate books,but like yours better than most,it seems toexplain things more to the point.thanks ken almost forgot,im 82 in a few months,but still interested

  2. in 2015 i invested in my first 2 rental houses in Indianapolis, IN, a B class and a C class home, and I haven’t even broke even. Nothing but money pits, repairs and maintenance along with an eviction. Some people must just be lucky with rentals but what is the best way to liquidate these 2 homes with their tenants currently? I’m considering investing in other things besides now like a simple S&P 500 index fund.

    • You have to be very careful with what kind of properties you buy and tenant screening. If you want to sell fast you can get sell them to another investor and I may know a couple in Indy who would be interested. Send em an email [email protected]

  3. I was looking at a property that was $100k but fixed up would be $180k.

    A loan for $100k would be $600 a month, that’s including p&i, insurance, taxes, and 20k down.

    Rentals go for about $900 a month and when I plugged the numbers into your calculator, cash flow is only $24 dollars.

    Buying a home 80k under market and only cash flowing twenty five dollars a month doesn’t seem right.

    • Those rents seem very low for a house worth $180,000. You may not be in a good market for rentals if rents are that low compared to prices.

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