Should You Buy a House Located on a Busy Street?

6 thoughts on “Should You Buy a House Located on a Busy Street?”

  1. We purchased a house in Jacksonville on a busy street, 1225 Edgewood Ave S, 32205 for $61,000 in foreclosure. We rehabbed and improved the house, flipped it 8 months later for $124,000. The house, 7 years later is worth $232,000. The people who bought the house have enjoyed a great appreciation and even though its on a busy 2-lane road, is close to a thriving new neighborhood and new nightlife. Everyone was a winner in this deal. Buy the neighborhood as desirable neighborhoods are always in demand, no matter a busy street.

    • Both the houses I discussed were on busy streets with four lanes or one way three lane. I think those roads can have a huge impact on the value and sell-ability. Do you think the value was less on your houses than one on a quiet street?

  2. We sold a home to an investor in Nashville on a busy street for a flip. The home was priced very competitive, the rehab was done perfect, and the home sat for over 60 days in one of the hottest markets in the country. Needless to say, it drastically effected their value. The home should have sold for $325,000 if it was not on a busy street, and ended up selling for $270,000 because of the street.

  3. This is a very Important Question Last Time I bought a House I did not think about the same. I suffered initially because of lack of community but luckily that investment turned out to be a winner. This we never expected though.
    Good thought provoking question. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hmmm.. interesting article. I thing a home in a busy area will be too expensive as well. Location of a home is a major factor that affects its price.

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