How To Live Life with Few Regrets

The things I regret most in life are not the things I tried and failed at but the things I never tried at all. I can remember many instances in my youth when I should have taken a chance and done something. Those are the moments I regret most in life, not when I took a chance and things did not work out like I hoped they would. This lesson can be applied to almost anything in life, whether it be real estate, our personal lives, business, or happiness. If you find yourself not willing to take chances, you may find yourself full of regrets later on in life wondering what would have happened if you just would have tried.

What have I regretted in my life?

I look back at many things I have done in my youth, in high school, and even as a young adult. The things I regret most are when I was not willing to try something new or try something I was scared of. I remember not asking out a girl who I liked or being scared to go into a football game because I might not play great. I can remember not trying as hard as I should in a basketball game because I thought our opponents were not very good and I didn’t want to look bad against a lesser opponent.

I think back to these moments now and wonder what would have happened if I would’ve just taken a chance, tried my hardest, and seen what would have happened. People do not look down upon those who tried their hardest and don’t accomplish what they hope to accomplish. They look down on those who do not try and do not give it they’re all. When I was younger, I was very timid about many things, and I wish I would have approached life in a different way. Now that I have kids of my own, I’m doing my best to implant in them the idea that trying your hardest and going for it is much more important than what you perceive to be cool or not cool.

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What have I not regretted doing in my life?

I can also say that when I took those chances and tried my hardest to talk to the girl, I did not regret what happened. If I asked a girl out and she said no, I would be disappointed for a little while but at least I knew. If I never asked them out, I would still be wondering did she like me, did she not like me, what could have happened if I would have just taken a chance?

I am happily married now with a great family and a wonderful wife. Things worked out very well for me, and I’m very fortunate for the life I have. I did not just sit back and wait for someone to find me. There are many other people who aren’t as fortunate or don’t find someone to spend their life with. They may wonder if there was someone they had not been too scared to talk to, what would have happened.

When I did try my hardest at sports, I did not feel regret when I lost a game where did not play my best. I knew I had given it my all and had tried as hard as I could. I felt good about myself and my effort in my contribution. My regrets were when I did not try as hard as I could because maybe I was worried about how I would look if I tried hard and it was not good enough. I see this in my kids sometimes, and it drives me crazy!

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How can regrets relate to business and real estate?

There are many regrets for people in business and real estate as well. I have been very fortunate in real estate and business, but I have also had some regrets too. I wish I would have bought investment properties sooner than I did; I wish I would have taken my career more serious when I was younger; and I wish I would have listened to those who had more experience than myself.

I have been able to buy more than 20 rental properties and flip over 150 houses in my career. I own a real state brokerage, have a wonderful team, and have created a blog. Many of the great things I have treated in my life happened because I took a big chance. I decided I wanted to do something, so I created a plan and I did it. I also had to make decisions fairly quickly. Sometimes you have to grasp opportunities when they come to you without having all the information you think you need to make a decision. Now, we should still do as much due diligence as we can and not jump at every opportunity. However, at some points in life we have to make educated guesses and take a chance.

I see many people hesitate to buy real estate or start a business because they’re worried about the economy, about their family, about their financial position, and many other things. It is good to be worried about these things and take your life seriously; however, you still have to take chances at some point if you want to get ahead of the game. The people who are super successful and make a lot of money are not sitting on the sidelines watching everything happen. They have tried and failed at many things before they succeeded. Every time they try and fail, they learn a better way to do things and are more prepared for the next attempt.

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How can you avoid having too many regrets in your life?

We all have some regrets about certain things we’ve done or not done in our lives. But we still want to minimize the regrets we have by living our life to its fullest potential. So, if you find yourself on that fork in the road trying to deciding whether to take the left fork, the right fork, or turn around and go home, think about what regrets you might have if you do not at least try. If you turn around and go home, you’ll always wonder what if, but if you take one of those forks—even if it is the wrong fork—you’ll probably get further in life than turning around and going home.

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I have regrets in life, but I know I cannot change the past. I can live my life the best I can right now and try to prepare myself as best I can for the future. I try to make myself as happy as possible by living my life as much as I can. And to me, that means taking chances, having fun experiencing new things, and not wondering what would have happened if I just would have lived a little more. I don’t regret the things I didn’t do, but I certainly learned from them and how to be better in the future.

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