Books, Websites and More Resources for Real Estate Investors

There are many resources for real estate investors; the internet, books, lenders, agents and much more. It can also be tough figuring out what is a good resource and scams. This article will provide many great resources to help real estate investors buy rental properties or flip houses. There are many free resources online, and many sites that will try to sell you programs and training. Paying for training and coaching is not always a bad thing, but be very careful who you pay and how much you spend. You are welcome to ask me any question you have about real estate coaching or training in our forum.

Resources for real estate investors on InvestFourMore

InvestFourMore is a blog I created in March of 2013, and has over 350 free articles I have written on real estate. The most important articles can be found in my complete guide to purchasing long-term rental properties. I also have a resources page that lists other resources on the site for flippers, wholesalers and more including my cash flow calculator. The menu on the top right will take you to my newest article if you click blog, to the forums, to the store where I offer eBooks and my own coaching programs, to my about page and a resources page with even more information on the site.

I offer eBooks and coaching programs to help investors as well.

LinkedIn is a great way for real estate investors to network

There are many ways LinkedIn can help you network and invest. LinkedIn has helped me grow my REO business, my investing business and my blog. Whether you are looking for a new job, an audience to market too, people to network with or almost anything else in business, LinkedIn can help. LinkedIn is the search engine that lets you narrow down your searches to exactly what you are looking for. If you want a Hard Money lender in Alabama or a wholesaler in Seattle, LinkedIn will help you find that person. LinkedIn also has groups with thousands of people interested in specific topics that you can post in. Be careful not to spam these groups and post valuable information.

I have met a lot of really cool people from LinkedIn, some great businessman and it is a great place to find hard to reach people.

Zillow is a great resource for beginning investors 

Zillow is a website that lists the characteristics of almost very house in the country. Zillow also gives an estimate of value for just about every house in the country and the potential rent. I would not depend solely on Zillow values since they are not always 100% accurate, but it can give you a rough estimate. Zillow also lists houses for sale on their website and links to local real estate agents. I like to think of Zillow as a great starting point to learn more about a real estate market, but do not depend on Zillow to find deals or all your information.

Hard Money Lenders are a great way to get started flipping houses

Hard money lenders can be a great resource for investors just starting out with little capital. I don’t use them personally, because of the high rates they charge, but they can be a great option for the right deal. The best way to search for hard money-lender is search online for a hard money lender in your state. Contact them and see what kind of deals they offer. I have listed a few companies that will lend hard money, but I have never worked with them personally. I also wrote a more in-depth article on Hard Money here.

Lima Capital – California only

Fundrise – Crowd Funding

Realty Shares – Crowd Funding

Private money is an awesome way to build a real estate investing business

Private money is money that you borrow from a private individual like friends or family. There are online private money sites, but most online private money sources are actually hard money lenders calling themselves private money. So far the only real private money I have found are from my own personal contacts. There are a lot of wealthy people all around, that would love to make a higher interest rate than bonds or CDs. A good real estate investor, can provide those wealthy people with higher returns and little risk. You can’t be afraid to talk to people about money and investing if you are looking for private money.

Here is a great article on financing flips with private money.

Online programs that are worth the money and educational

When you enter the online real estate investing space, you will find a lot of scammers. The most popular thing to do is offer a free class, then offer a paid seminar and then try to get investors to pay $20,000 or more for personal training. The sad part is the programs encourage people to max out their credit cards or take out loans to pay for the programs! When the investors get into the program they quickly realize their coach is not local, has not been an investor for long and really is not that valuable. I have reviewed quite a few programs that are much more affordable, much more educational and provide great information below.

Local Real Estate Investor Associations (REIA) are a great resource for real estate investors

REIA clubs can be a great resource for deals and information. Simply search for REIAs in your area in a search engine or LinkedIn and you should find a couple of good resources close by. Many of these clubs let members announce deals or needs at each meeting. Some clubs will charge and others will not. Many clubs offer discounts at box stores like Lowes and Home Depot or other benefits for joining. During meetings there is usually a local professional who gives a presentation on the market or an educational class. I have taught a few HUD classes at REIA meetups.

Here is a great article on REI associations.

An investor friendly real estate agent is an awesome resource for investors

If you are not a Realtor and don’t know where to start, find a great real estate agent. It may take some time to find the right one, but the right Realtor can teach you the market, the rent rates and send you good deals. Finding a great Realtor can be the difference between a successful investor and one who can’t get a deal. Personally I think most investors should become agents and I discuss why here. If you don’t want to be a Realtor I discuss how to find a great real estate agent here.

Property Managers are a great resource for all investors

A property manager can be a great source for an investor as well. Not only can a great property manager help an investor rent and manage their properties, they can provide market information and local rental rates. If an investor wants to be as hands off as possible, a great property manager is a must and I discuss how to find a great property manager here.

Here is a great article on when you should use a property manager.

Here is a great article on why you should buy rentals when you are young.

What are the best websites for real estate listings?

Many of these sites list homes that are for sale on MLS, but that can be difficult for investors to access, unless they are an agent themselves. These sites may list every home for sale in MLS, or they may list just their listings. lists houses for sale on MLS. They are not updated as quickly as MLS, but this is a great resource for investors. This site lists every home actively for sale by HUD. HUD is a government agency that sells homes that have gone through foreclosure. I have an entire article dedicated to HUD here. This site auctions foreclosures off to the public. Some houses are in MLS and some are not. Make sure you do your due diligence as many times the auctions do not guarantee title and only offer quit claim Deeds. This is another auction site that sells REO properties. You can get some great deals on this site.

HUBZU This is another auction site that lists homes that are sold by Ocwen/Altisource, a loan servicer. Most of the homes are for sale on MLS.

Here is an article on how to get a great deal from the MLS.

Great Books for beginning investors

How to start a real estate blog

I started my blog from scratch without any writing experience, except what I learned in business school in college. I love writing the blog and it has helped my business tremendously. I discuss in detail how a blog has helped my business here. I have learned a lot about blogging and the best services to use. Writing a blog has made me a lot of friends, educated me in investing and made me money. The blog had over 250,000 views in April 2015. The key to blogging is writing and making sure you know what you are talking about. Below are some great resources for bloggers.

  • This site is much like GoDaddy, but cheaper and better. You can buy your website there and they will host your website. I use them for my site and it is super easy to use.
  • GetResponse: GetResponse is an awesome email client. If you want to have a blog, you need to have an email service that will store emails, send out emails to subscribers and make sure the emails are not classified as spam. GetResponse has been the best that I have tried and one of the cheapest.
  • Fiverr is amazing for anyone looking to do anything, it does not have to be blog related. Basically people offer services for five dollars. It could be created a book cover, proofreading posts, transcribing YouTube and much more.
  • Amazon direct publishing: If you want to create an eBook and sell it, this is the best and easiest option. I have five eBooks I have written, self-published and sold.

If you want help setting up a blog or on ideas how to create traffic I have a consulting service you can check out here.

News Sources for real estate investors

I use these sources to keep updated on Real Estate news across the country.

Inman News

Housing Wire


DS News


There are many other sources out there for beginning investors, I have discussed the things that have helped me the most. If you know of another great resource please let me know. There is a ton of information out there to help investors buy rental properties. The first thing you may want to do is start planning how many properties you want to buy and making goals.


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