How to Fix and Flip Real Estate Investment Properties

New fix and flipI have flipped houses since 2001 and have flipped over 100 homes in my career. I love flipping houses because of the money you can make and every flip is different. There are a lot of risks involved in flipping and it is not an easy profession to start in. I still lose money on flips on occasion and the costs always seem to be more than I expect and the time frames longer than I plan for. Below you will see a couple videos of a flip before and after the rehab.



Great articles on fix and flipping

I have written many articles on my fix and flips to help people understand the process and what is involved. You will find many of those articles below.


How much money can you make flipping houses?


What are the costs involved when flipping houses?


How long does it take to flip a house?


Can you make $100,000 flipping one house?


The ultimate guide to fix and flipping houses


How and why I lost money on a recent flip


Monthly updates on my fix and flips

Every month, I write a fix-and-flip update article which details what I buy, sell, and what issues I am working on. Below you will see my fix and flip updates and below that the most recent articles I have written on fix and flipping. I also recently wrote a book on fix and flipping that covers how to find properties, how to finance them, how to repair them and how to make the most money fix and flipping. Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom is $5.99 and available at Amazon as a 171 page eBook. You can also buy a PDF version of the book in the Invest Four More store here.


More great articles on flipping houses from the blog

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