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Are you looking to learn more about certain real estate businesses or niches? We have created massive guides to teach you about the basics of real estate as well as specifics strategies that can multiply your investment. Real estate offers amazing opportunities for those willing to learn the business and work hard. 

The Basics of Real Estate Investing

Learn all the different ways to invest in real estate and how they work. House flipping, rental properties, wholesaling, note investing, etc. This guide gives you a basic understanding of each niche and how to make money in that niche.

Flipping Houses

If you are interested in learning how to flip houses this is the guide for you. I have flipped more than 180 houses in my career and learned a lot over the years. Things do not work as you see on television. There is a lot more to the business and this guide goes over how to be a successful house flipper.

Rental Properties

I love rental properties! I flip a lot of houses but once I sell a flip, the property stops bringing in money. With rentals, I keep making money as long as I own the property. The properties perform better over time thanks to rents increasing, property values increasing, and mortgage payments staying relatively stable. There are also a lot of ways to buy rentals with less money than you might think or pull money out of the properties you currently own to buy more. I go over it all in this guide.

Wholesaling Real Estate

Real estate wholesalers find great deals on properties and then pass those deals on to other investors. Wholesalers rarely fix up the homes, and there are many ways for a wholesaler to make money without actually buying the properties. Wholesalers can also be a great source of deals for investors like myself. You can learn about the wholesaling business in this guide.

Real Estate Agents

I started my career in real estate as an agent. I have sold thousands of homes and it was a fantastic way for me to make money and set my own schedule. Not only have I done well selling houses as an agent, but it has also been a huge help with my real estate investments. I save money when I flip houses or buy rentals because I am an agent, I have met a lot of amazing people in the business as an agent, I find more deals as an agent, and it is easier for me to value properties. You can learn all about real estate agents in this guide.

Financing Real Estate

One of the most important parts of investing in real estate is financing. I get loans on just about all of my properties and people ask me all the time why I do not use cash. The answer is simple, I make more money with loans because I can buy more properties and make much more money on real estate than what the loans cost me. In this guide, I go over the different types of investment loans as well as strategies to buy with less money down.

Finding Deals

Getting a great deal on a house is the key to my real estate investing strategies no matter what I am buying the property for. Even if I am buying a house to live in, I want to get a great deal. In fact, the second house I bought to live in allowed me to buy my first rental property. This guide goes over how to get great deals with links to more details on the strategies as well.

Tax Advantages of Real Estate

One reason I love real estate is the tax advantages! Real estate has some of the best tax treatment of any investment in the US. Rental properties can make money but still show as a loss on your taxes in some cases. Even a personal house has great tax advantages like the tax-free gain on the sale of a house you live in. This guide goes over those advantages and how they work.

House Hacking

House hacking involves living in a house or multiunit property while renting out part of the property. The benefit of house hacking is that you can buy a property with little money down since you live in it and make money while living there. It is a great strategy for those starting out.

BRRR Strategy

BRRRR stands for Buy, Repair, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. This strategy works great on rental properties because you can refinance most, if not all of the money you spent on the down payment and repairs back out if you get a great deal.

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