The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing

Tired of Not Having Anything to Show for Your Hard Earned Income?

Rental Properties Provide Income Every Month and can Build Incredible Net Worth

But You Have to BUY the Right Properties!

I have turned a $300,000 investment into over $1,500,000 in equity over five years, plus I make close to $100,000 a year from my rental property income

This is not another real estate investing program with promises to make you rich overnight with no money and no credit

This program was created by me (Mark Ferguson) and I bought my first rental in 2010. I have since bought 15 more and could not be happier with my investments, even though it was scary in the beginning. 

This program is not about wholesaling properties with no money, it is about building lasting wealth through rentals. Wholesaling and flipping is a job, when you stop working, the money stops coming in.

With rentals I have built over $8,000 a month in passive income that will keep coming in (and increasing) as long as I own the properties. I do this with a property manager who handles all the hassles and makes sure we have great tenants. 

It takes money to buy rentals, but you don't need $300,000 to start, or even $50,000, or $10,000. There are many ways to buy real estate with less money. Buying with less of your own cash means you can buy more properties and make more money in the long run.

While I have invested $300,000 into my rentals, I have used other means to buy properties without any of my own money. Sometimes it makes sense to use your own money and sometimes it makes sense to use other peoples money.

One reason I have been so successful is I buy awesome deals. You can’t buy any property you find, you have to buy the right properties. I show you how to buy the right properties and how to buy them for less money.

This is not a program with a couple CD's and a guidebook. It also comes with video training, bi weekly coaching calls, email coaching, a private Facebook group and much more.

Unlike other coaching programs, the coaching calls and email coaching is with me (Mark Ferguson). I do a short presentation and usually have at least 30 minutes for questions on every call. I have been a Realtor for 15 years, own 16 rentals, have flipped over 100 homes and write one of the most popular real estate blogs (I have been featured on MSN, Yahoo, Zillow, Washington Post, Curbed, Time, The Street, and many more major media outlets). There are no other coaches and you won’t be handed off to someone with no experience.

You will invest your money smarter.

You will see better returns.

You will stop stressing about wasting money.

You will be able to retire much sooner than you ever imagined!

You will have something substantial to show for your hard work!

Bonus! As soon as you sign up, you can fill out an intake form that goes straight to me. I will give you immediate (24 hours or less) direction on how to improve financing, find deals or your first steps to take.

Rental property number 13 bought for $133,000 in 205 and appraised for almost $200,000 less than one year after purchased.

This home is rented for $1,600 a month!

The Blueprint works whether you have little money to invest or a lot of money to invest. The trick is finding your own strategy that is custom built for you.

In order to retire early (I don’t mean at 60) you have to create cash flow. You can’t cross your fingers and hope you save enough money to last all the way through retirement.

Who wants to play the guessing game with their lives and retirement? Not to mention there is no guarantee the stock market won’t crash again.

You can do everything you are supposed too. Get a decent job, save your money, invest your money and still end up working almost all of your life.

This assumes you live frugally before and after retirement. But what if you don’t want to live frugal? What if you want to take advantage of this one life we are given and live it as fully as possible?

Investing in the stock market for 30 years is not going to give you the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Lamborghini DIablo Monterey Blue 1999 Alpine Edition

My 1999 Lamborghini Diablo. I felt comfortable buying this car because I had $5,000 a month in cash flow from rentals at the time I bought it in 2014. Not only was this a dream of mine since I was 5, but the car doubled in value in 2 years. This is not a program on how to buy cars, but I like to get great deals on houses, cars, whatever it is I buy. 

How can the Blueprint change your life?

  • Cash flow builds financial security. With cash flow when you lose your job, you still have income coming in. You need more money for a business opportunity you have income coming in. You need money for your kids college education you have cash coming in every month.
  • If you invest for capital appreciation like most do with the stock market, you are hoping stocks go up in value over time. You hope they go up in value enough to provide steady income in retirement, but you use up that capital in retirement. You also have to hope you don’t live too long!
  • Cash flow comes in every month without eating away at the capital. You don’t have to worry about how long you live after you retire. The cash flow even keeps up with inflation due to rent increases.
  • If you want to retire early with the stock market you have to save millions and millions because that money must last the rest of your life. When you hit your monthly number with rental properties, you can relax and enjoy life. You can retire early by investing less money and not stress out about running out of money.
  • Rental properties can build incredible wealth as well, by buying below market and buying attractive markets. I have bought houses in multiple markets and buying below market with appreciation has built incredible wealth. The Blueprint will help you find the right market to invest in. 
  • Not only do I buy rentals, but I flip houses as well. Yes I said earlier flipping was a job, but it is an awesome job. I have 11 flips going at the moment (summer 2016) and average over $30,000 in profit on each flip. Those flips enable me to buy more rentals and a flipping program that is included with the Blueprint.

Here are some common questions I get all the time


  • Aren’t rental properties a pain to manage? I don’t have time for that.
    • The blueprint shows you the best ways to manage properties and find property managers. Let them deal with the hassles. 
  • What if tenants trash my houses and cost me thousands of dollars?
    • Most horror stories come from landlords who are out of the area and don’t check on their properties for years. Follow the steps to find good tenants, and they will take care of your properties for you. 
  • What if it isn’t possible to find cash flowing rentals in my area?
    • The Blueprint shows you how to find cash flowing properties that are closer to you than you think. The blueprint also shows you how to find cash flowing properties in other areas of the country. I am currently looking to invest in new areas myself and go into detail on the calls on this topic. 
  • Won’t property managers eat up all my profits?
    • If you buy the wrong properties yes! The biggest mistake investors make is buying properties for too much money and not enough cash flow. I teach how to buy the right properties cheap. 
  • What if I don’t know anything about real estate or what a good deal is?
    • That is okay, you will learn and quickly how to analyze deals and find properties.
  • Do I have to be a real estate agent to get good deals? I don’t have time for that.
    • No, you do not have to be an agent. The Blueprint shows you how to find a team to help you.
  • What if my market is too hot to find any deals?
    • I live in Colorado one of the hottest markets in the nation. I have bought five rentals in 2015 below market, with great cash flow, in this market. I also detail how to find a different market on the calls and in the Blueprint.
  • What if I don’t know how to find deals?
    • I show you how to find deals and I have a list of nationwide wholesalers and agents who sell properties below market value with great cash flow. 
  • What if I am not ready to start investing yet?
    • The sooner you start investing the better off you will be. If you don’t have the money yet or knowledge, the Blueprint will help you. If you don’t start now, when will you start? 
  • What if the banks won’t lend me any money?
    • The Blueprint will show you creative ways to finance properties and how to find lenders who are landlord friendly. 
  • Is this program just a sales tactic to get me to buy into a more expensive program? 
    • No! I do not have a free seminar, that turns into a three day workshop, that turns into a $30,000 mentor program. This program will teach you all you need to know.

This is not rocket science. Here are some of my students who have bought properties after using my system.


 CD’s and MP3’s INCLUDED



I’ve essentially taken every question I’ve been asked and compiled them over time along with my experience and what I wish I knew when I started and created this step by step system anyone can use.

The Complete Real Estate Investing Blueprint Is About Getting You Results, Not Just Teaching You More Information

Rental property 11

Here are some testimonials from some of my students who saw the incredible value and purchased the Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing.




What Is Included When I Buy The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing?

  1. Orientation Checklist: Ensuring you get the most out of the product
  2. Over 80 chapters and 11 sections on the most important factors of investing (Worth $500)
  3. Live conference call twice a month for 6 months (Worth $2,400)
  4. Access to over ten hours of recorded conference calls (Worth $1,000)
  5. Personal Email Coaching for six months – Email me about ANYTHING, ANYTIME (Worth $2,500)
  6. Video modules for each chapter (Worth $200)
  7. Calls to action that give you specific tasks to start investing now (Worth $200)
  8. Over 200 minutes of CD recordings or MP3s on real estate investing tips and tricks meant to enhance your learning (Worth $200)
  9. Deal analysis: I will help you analyze deals through the forum or directly through email. I will let you know if I think it is a good deal and help you learn how to determine the right numbers to know (Worth $1,200)
  10. Free copy of all my books “Fix and Flip your Way to Financial Freedom” (Worth $50)
  11. My Personal Real Estate Goal Setting Guide (Worth $50)
  12. Access to the members only forum which includes all past conference calls as well as video modules so you can review all questions and answers from previous students (Worth $500)

The total package of everything combined is worth over $8,500!

I thought about offering this product to people at over $1,000 because of the incredible value it offers you and the time commitment it takes from me. Remember I am still investing and buying houses every month! But I really wanted to make this easy for you.

I want you to avoid huge headaches and costly mistakes. This course will literally save you hundreds of hours chasing your tail trying to figure out investing on your own.

Not only will this system save you hours and hours and hours of time (what is your time worth to you?). It will save you from costly mistakes that most investors make buying rentals.

Buy the wrong house and it will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to get rid of it or in negative cash flow.

The wrong tenants can easily cost you ten thousand dollars in repairs. The wrong property management company can cost you thousands in lost rent.

This course is a fraction of the amount of money you would lose by buying the wrong house. The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing will not only save you thousands of dollars, but will also save you months, if not years of time and financial headache.

How much will it cost you if you never buy a rental and keep going on the path you are currently on?

That being said, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep this price this low.

Get Started Now

This Offer Is Not For Everyone

The Blueprint is not for everyone, because not everyone has what it takes to give themselves a better future.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and dedication to change your life. However, you need to know where to dedicate your time and effort so that you are not spinning your wheels.

If you are unwilling to change the way you think and act, this is not for you. If you are looking to change or improve your life, you have to change your thinking and actions. The blueprint will help you perfect your investing, but you will have to change how you think.

If you refuse to learn from others, this is not for you. Would rather spend hours, days, weeks or even months trying to learn everything on your own? Or do you want personal help from someone investing and succeeding in today’s market?



Money Back Guarantee

 I am so confident the blueprint will change the way you look at real estate and create a better life for you, that I’ll give you all your money back if you are not satisfied. You keep your copy of the blueprint with no restocking fees or proof that you completed the exercises. 

You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.

I can offer this guarantee because the Blueprint works and people love the way it has helped them invest better and be able to retire earlier.