Blueprint Draft

The InvestFourMore Blueprint

The InvestFourMore Blueprint will walk you through:

  • How to get great deals
  • How to analyze deals
  • How to finance properties
  • What types of properties to buy
  • How to analyze a market
  • How to manage properties
  • How to repair and fix up properties
  • How to sell properties
  • The right mindset to get this done as quickly as possible

The step-by-step 300-page physical book comes with audio CDs, email coaching, video training, live conference calls, video modules, a money-back guarantee and much more.


Live Group Coaching


Print & Audio Material


Video Courses

What is included?

  1. Over 80 chapters and 11 sections on the most important factors of investing. (Worth $500)
  2. House Flipping Course (Worth $500)
  3. Deal Finder Course (Worth $500)
  4. Live conference call every month for at least six months plus all recorded calls  (Worth $2,500)
  5. Personal Email Coaching for six months - Email me about ANYTHING, ANYTIME (Worth $2,500)
  6. Video modules for each chapter (Worth $500)
  7. Calls to action with follow up! (Worth $500)
  8. Over 200 minutes of CD recordings or MP3's on real estate investing tips and tricks meant to enhance your learning (Worth $500)
  9. Deal analysis: I will help you analyze deals through the forum or directly through email. I will let you know if I think it is a good deal and help you learn how to determine the right numbers to know. (Worth $2,500)
  10. My Personal Real Estate Goal Setting Guide (Worth $200)
  11. Access to the members-only forum which includes all past conference calls as well as video modules so you can review all questions and answers from previous students (Worth $2,000)

The total package of everything combined is worth well over $12,700!

Complete Blueprint Cost: $997

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That means you can get the InvestFourMore Blueprint for only $997 $499

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But why spend that much money when you need all your money for rentals?

This is a great point and I don't want to inhibit people from buying rentals, that is why this is not a $20,000 or $40,000 program. Yes, there are $40,000 programs from big names you have heard before, that teach less than I teach. However, it takes me a lot of time to deliver personal help and I want to make sure those I help are serious. I have to price the program at a certain level to make sure my students are not going to waste their time or my time. I am confident that my help will more than make up for the cost. In fact, just a couple of mistakes will cost you much more than this program

  • Lose your earnest money; $500 to $5,000
  • Miscaclulate repairs: $5,000 to $50,000
  • Miscalculate cash flow: $100 to $1,000 a month!
  • Never buy a property: $500 to $5,000 a month
  • Don't have enough cash reserves: Lose the house!
  • Bad tenant: $2,000 to $20,000

I don't want to scare you, but these things can happen. They are rare and often avoidable if you know what you are doing. if you do run into an issue I have a lot of experience in dealing with almost every situation and can help you mitigate it with the least amount of harm done.

Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee you'll find the blueprint valuable, really valuable, or I'll give you your money back and let you keep your copy of the blueprint. You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

P.S. The link to buy the blueprint is here:

Still have questions? here are some common concerns

But what if there is a housing crash?

There could be a crash, but no one knows for sure. We made it through the last crash just fine and rentals can actually survive a crash just fine if you buy them the right way. There are also ways to make a lot of money in real estate before, during and after a crash.

But what if I don't have any money?

I started with little money. I worked hard to make more money and I used my personal house to get more money for my first deals. There a lot of ways to invest in real estate without tens of thousands of dollars.

But my market is too expensive!

My market is expensive too, I am in Colorado which has seen some of the highest price increases in the nation. There are different strategies for different types of markets, but an expensive market does nto mean you cannot be a real estate investor.

But I don't have any extra time! I understand that.

I have twins and a newborn. The great thing about being a real estate investor is it gives you time. You don't have to quit your job right now, but with real estate you might be able to in the near future. Getting started may not take as much time as you think.

But I know nothing about real estate!

That is why I am here!

But the stock market has better returns!

Actually it doesn't. A lot of people say the stock market has better returns than real estate investing because historically the stock market goes up more than housing prices. Housing prices are not investing. With real estate the power of leverage, buying below market value, and cash flow (all not included in housing prices), blow the stock market out of the water.

But my friends nephew lost everything in real estate! It can happen.

There are no guarantees in this business. You take risks in everything you do. If you want to be super successful you must take some risks and the truth is that real estate investing is not that risky if done right. You are investing in a real asset. The chances are your friends nephew did not have a clue what they were doing or were taking shortcuts when investing and that is why they went bankrupt.

Isn't real estate coaching a scam?

Honestly, it can be. It drives me nuts to see people spending more time on marketing than on delivering value, but that is true with any business. There are good people and bad people. The truth is I make much more investing in real estate than I do from coaching. I love seeing people succeed and I even learn from my students at times. is this a scam? No, but there are scams out there so be careful.

But I don't know anyone in the real estate business!

Hey, join the club! Most people have to increase their network and meet people to be successful in this business. Just because you don't know the right people now, does not mean I can't help you find those people. If you manage to meet the right person, they may be able to help you find the rest of your team as well.

But I am too young to be an investor!

Are you 18, if so than you can buy a house. I have even helped people under 18 learn the business so that they are ready when they turn 18. Being young is a huge advantage in real estate, use that advantage!

But I am too old!

If you are still breathing you can still be successful. In fact, real estate can help you retire much faster than the stock market. It can be really hard saving enough money to retire, but real estate can quicken that process. Anything else holding you back? If so, email me. I am happy to answer your questions, [email protected]

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