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Are you looking to get your message in front of a huge audience, consisting of real estate investors and real estate agents?

Here is what Podcast Sponsors get:

You’ll have your own, personalized pitch read at the beginning of 4 podcast episodes.

  • I will read a 2-minute pitch. This pitch will be written by you and read in my voice, making it personal to my audience.
  • The pitch will be read at the start of 4 upcoming podcasts.

Who hears your pitch?

InvestFourMore has a large, fast-growing audience that is highly engaged. If you’re targeting real estate investors and/or real estate agents, this is the place to be.

  • 16,000+ investors
  • 8,000+ real estate agents
  • Broad set of iTunes, SoundCloud, and other listeners of this top-rated podcast
  • Over the 4 weeks, your message will be heard by a targeted-audience over a 100,000 times

What other big benefits do I get?

Podcasts live forever on the internet, and so will your ad. In addition. all podcast episodes have show notes. This means your ad will stay on the internet indefinitely in writing and audio.

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  • The podcast will stay on this websites, iTunes, and many other syndicated sites indefinitely.
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  • Be continuously seen by up to 150,000+ viewers per month on InvestFourMore.

What is the cost?

The cost per advertisement is $250 episode. The minimum run is 4 episodes, which is $1,000.

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