Podcast 151: YouTube Video on 2018 Goals: Flips, Rentals, Cars, Brokerage

I stopped doing my podcast earlier this year after completing 150 episodes. I know many of you loved the podcast, but it simply took too much of my time and it was not much fun for me anymore. I mentioned I will be doing many more YouTube videos in place of the podcast, but many of you still say you miss the podcast. I just posted a YouTube video in the style of my podcasts. I go over my goals for 2018, how things have gone, and updates on my real estate business. The cool thing about YouTube is I can show you some of the things I have done instead of just talking about them! I can include snippets of the 18 flips I have bought this year; I can show you the car I bought; and I can show you the new real estate brokerage.

Below you can watch the video Podcast:

What are some of the topics covered in the video?

In this podcast-type video, I go over how many flips we have done this year and how many I hope to complete. I also include a snippet of 16 out of the 18 flips we have purchased. You can see the full videos on YouTube. I talk about the 68,000-square-foot commercial rental property I bought, which is also on YouTube. I go over how and why I started a real estate brokerage with a video of what it looks like now. I go over the car I bought this year: A 1981 Aston Martin v8 Volante. I talk about the blog and let people know how they can get a free copy of one of my books sent to them.

How can you see the videos and topics covered on this podcast/video?

I mention a lot of links and other videos in this video. Below, you can find links to most of what I am talking about.

Here is a link to my books on Amazon so you can see which ones I have available. Remember to watch the video to find out how you can get a free signed copy mailed to you:

InvestFourMore Real-Time Stats (as of 9/06/18)
16 flips currently in progress. 159 flips completed. 19 rentals properties.
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Here is an article on setting goals and why they are so important for success:


Here is the article I wrote that talks about how this year has gone so far:


Here is the playlist for my fix-and-flip properties:


Here is the playlist for my complete flip videos with before and after videos:


Here is the playlist for my real estate advice videos:


Here is my rental property playlist:


Here is the link to the 68,000-square-foot commercial rental:


Here is the office before we started working on it:


Here is the rental we did the BRRR strategy on:


My plan to purchase 100 rental properties:


Here is a video of the Lamborghini Diablo:


An article on how the Diablo has been a great investment:


Here is the horrible SEO company:


Our Facebook page to leave a review:


My email:

[email protected]


It has been a very exciting and interesting start to the year. If you like this type of video format, please leave a comment below, and I will make more of them!



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